ASA rules ads Japan Tobacco “misleading”

<p>Management of Advertising Standards (ASA) ruled that the ads run by Gallaher Tobacco Japan last year were “misleading”, in a fierce battle between the tobacco companies and anti-smoking campaigns simpler packaging.</p>

japan_tobacco<p>Gallaher, which owns brands such as Silk Cut and Hamlet and was purchased in 2007, Japan Tobacco, held a number of British newspapers ads in 2012 against the adoption of a simple pack of cigarettes.</p>

<p>Announcements were challenged pressure group Action on Smoking and Health and the charity Cancer Research UK, who said announcements made misleading statements, complaints, ASA said on Tuesday it was defending.</p>

<p>Australia ruled last year that cigarettes and tobacco products should be sold in plain packets with no branding, a move which is being closely followed by the UK and other countries.</p>

<p>Such a move is likely to affect hard sell premium brands, where companies see strong growth.

Britain adopted a law in 2008 to prohibit the display of cigarettes at the point of sale, but refrained from insisting on plain packaging.

In its advertising, Gallagher said that “the policy was abandoned in 2008 because there was no conclusive evidence.”</p>

<p>However, ASA said that readers are likely to interpret this to mean that the government decided in 2008 to refuse the offer of a simple package and do not plan to return to it.

The regulator said that he understood that the government kept the measure is considered and planned to re-evaluate it at a later date, however.</p>

<p>”Therefore, we believe that the claims in the ads that the policy was” abandoned in 2008 due to lack of evidence gave a distorted picture of the situation and the measures taken at the time of the government, “he said.

He said that the ad must not appear again in their current form.

Japan Tobacco said it was “disappointed” with the ruling of Asa.</p>

<p>”While we disagree with the ASA, we will not use advertising in question again,” he said in a statement.

“We also do not agree with those who seem to want to close the debate and will continue to express our concerns.”

Some media said the UK will present a simple package of this year and will announce the measure in May.

Japan Tobacco said he believes the decision has been made.</p>

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