Tobacco industry targeting poor

The first plain packaging was manufactured in Australia by Big Tobacco, new Zealand announced last month that it will be the following one, and at least India will realized plain packaging.

8791726-largeThirty-five years ago around 45% of men and 30% of women smoked. Today nearly 16,4% of men and 14% of women in Australia smoke every day.

Teenage smoking in 1996 represents nearly 28% of boys and 34% of girls. Today is 16% of boys and 13% of girls. Teenage smoking has fallen especially of teenage girls.

But what about smokers that remain till present? Are they dependent or simply addicted who can’t or don’t want to quit?

It is not the light smoker who wants to quit, many smokers have to do it, but the consumption of new smokers will rise again.

In 2002 studding nearly 8000 of smokers from four centuries, 90% of smokers agreed strongly with statement “If you do it again and again, you wouldn’t have started smoking.” I have never met a smoker who lived in hope that their children would start smoking, even as adults will do.

So with 15% of Australian smoking every day, just 2% that smoke and have no regrets. From 200 smokers only 4-5 smokers will be happy about it.

Every year nearly 40% of smokers make a serious decision to quit. They are not doing this for a charitable donation to the pharmaceutical industry. They smoke for commerce where the customer base feels so bad about tobacco products consuming.

Many studies have shown large proportions of smoker’s restrictions on where they can smoke and ghoulish pack warnings. They are sure that these facts help them regulate their smoking. Only one from ten smokers now that smoke inside in their homes and 60% of Victorian smokers believe and think that the sale of cigarettes should be banned.

I have reviewed for publishing the study from a rural tobacco-growing in China, where 89% of illiterate males smoke. Big Tobacco’s planners consist in mapping and salivating poorly educated populations. Tobacco websites are agree that smoking cause health problems, and they promote new reduced harm product with less nicotine and tar.

For the world’s poorest and large nations, the worst tobacco promotion is coming. They continue exclude any policy for to reduce hardly smoking products. Their wish is to cut tobacco use or setting smoking where it is banned, to keep blood-nicotine levels high.

The excellent news is that 176 nations have ratified the legally binding on Tobacco Control, obligating them to introduce some of policies that are in Australia for some decades. The only nations which have not are tobacco states such as: Haiti, Cuba, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Indonesia still assist for smoking promotion at music festivals.

Today’s tobacco cause diseases started about 120 years ago with invention of cigarette manufacturing and tobacco mechanization.


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