Celebrities and how they affect our young people to start smoking

Today, I had the rare opportunity to meet with Craig Nabat, founder of the Los Angeles Freedom Laser Therapy and inventor of the Freedom Quit Smoking System. My goal was to understand why Craig thinks Hollywood strongly influences young people lighting up a cigarette.

r-CELEBRITY-SMOKERS-large570According to Nabat, he says, “the story illustrates how young people imitate what celebrities do like dressing like famous actors, or even saying that their popular catch phrases of his famous movies or television projects. Most people do not know that 60% of our young people start smoking before the age of 14 years, and 90% starting at age of 19. Statistics have shown 50% of these teens and young adults started smoking because they saw their favorite actor smoke on TV or in the movies. There is research to support it. “What is your personal experience with smoking and what inspired you to start your freedom laser therapy nicotine dependence clinic.

“I was a former pack and half of smokers and went 7 years without smoking a single cigarette. One lonely trip in Hong Kong, I was just trying to make conversation by bumming a cigarette from another only other English speaking patron sitting at the bar, as well as a one-hit of a cigarette, he connected me again and again, as if I never get out.
After that business trip, I tried to quit smoking using nicotine patches and gum and was terribly unsuccessful in my many attempts to quit smoking, and kept smoking for another year and a half thereafter. Though word of mouth, I heard about a 30-year-old low-level laser therapy procedure, which was performed in Canada. After experiencing the ease of quitting with a 30-minute procedure with the use of laser therapy, started a deep desire for me to set my own stop smoking clinic.

In 2003, I moved to Los Angeles from Detroit to urgently formulate celebrity client base, to get them to smoke. My thinking then was once these famous clients quit smoking, they will be motivated as I am, to inspire other smokers to quit.
My faith was their media exposure may draw more attention to change public perception that smoking is no longer a popular past time and even the norm in our society. In my opinion, celebrities have the power and influence to drive millions of smokers quit smoking. ”
Why do you think celebrities are responsible in some way for causing our youth to smoke?
“If celebrities stop indirectly glamorizing smoking as a cool thing to do, literally millions of smokers may be motivated to pay their last cigarette, if they are strong pro-smoking messages were not so visible in the media, better yet thousands of young people every year may never even pick up the addictive habit in the first place. As an added benefit, these celebrities who have decided to quit, you can avoid the risk of exclusion of young fans or stigmatize themselves in an ever-changing world, where only 19% of smokers (14% in California, where most celebrities live and work). Back in 1965, about 50% of Americans smoked, to put things in perspective. ”

How far Celebrities Go hide their nicotine addiction and why?
“It is not just limited to celebrities; most people try to hide their addiction. Smoking in this day and age is now considered by many to be outdated and socially unacceptable.
Celebrities may hide their smoking because of shame and because these days in school, children are taught that smoking kills, and that disapproval of behavior. Smoking is just bad for business. In addition, the popularity of smoking decreased every year so many celebrities have even more embarrassed being a smoker. ”

What is the biggest problem celebrities have with quitting smoking?
“If an actor is identified as a smoker, and may have already quit smoking, films or television role may call for his or her smoke on the role, especially if the actor portrays a bad guy or a fox. Lots of actors cast by casting directors, producers, directors and studios which only imagine them in parts plays a smoker. actor can always smoking herbal cigarettes as a prop, which has no nicotine in it, but it is too closely associated with the actual smoking and can often result in a former smoker Back to nicotine addiction. ”
Why do you think many celebrities still smoke?

“The first reason they are addicted to nicotine number. Another important reason is that the smoker cannot believe smoking keeps them thin. When a cigarette is smoked it produces a chemical reaction in the body and released into the blood sugar causes appetite suppression, plus 4000 through the introduction of toxins in the system, it is essential to increase metabolism. Weight can be controlled this way, but it is a very unhealthy state for the body to be in. Many customers Liberty celebrity woman talked about this being one of the main objectives of their own.
If smoking celebrity wants to break their addiction, they need to focus on the fact that cigarettes kill 50% of people who use the product long term; these risks cannot be ignored. Smoking can claim the life of a smoker from 13 to 14 years prematurely. ”
Celebrities reluctantly taken on the way to follow

“Paparazzi follow celebrities everywhere they go. The impact of just one picture celebrities smoking ends on the Internet or in large tabloid which is enough to influence a young person to smoke, especially if it’s a teenager or a young person is their fan. Britney Spears or Miley Cyrus is a good example, and I would like to know that they are leaving.
You see celebrities try to hide their smoking all the time from photographers. Once the image is captured young fans can get the message smoking is cool and they want to emulate the actor, and may find the smoking or thus, increase their current smoking behavior. Celebrities caught smoking media influence young people smoke, just as magazine covers featuring gorgeous models affect many of our young people to try extreme methods to become thin.
Celebrities should not even think about giving up smoking to be a role model for their children or children they may have in the future. They do not want to justify your own children start smoking because they know that their own parents did, when they were young. ”

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