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Officials want to prevent sale of Mocksville tobacco companies

The National Association of Attorneys General wants to stop the sale of all the assets of three bankrupt Mocksville tobacco companies to a Raleigh firm.

Californians want to allow local taxes on cigarettes, other products

Nearly 60% of those polled support changing state law to allow voters to approve local taxes on cigarettes, sugary drinks, liquor and tax productsoil pumped from the ground.

Murdoch’s ties to big tobacco

Rupert Murdoch’s phone-hacking problems have been all over the news in recent days, but it wasn’t too long ago his media properties were providing a supportive environment for Big Tobacco that went largely unreported.

Hollywood shows less smoking in movies

Hollywood movies are far less likely to feature characters lighting up than just five years ago, suggests an analysis published last smoking-in-filmsweek by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Lorillard Raises prices on Newport brands

NEW YORK - Lorillard Inc. has instituted a cigarette price increase, according to a research note issued by Bonnie Herzog. “Lorillard led a cigarette price increase of five cents per pack on Newport Menthol, 11 cents per pack on Newport Non-Menthol and eight cents per pack on its other brands, but no increase on Maverick,” the New York City-based Wells Fargo Securities LLC managing director of beverage, tobacco and consumer research said.

Native Americans’ unfiltered business success at risk

From Salamanca to the St. Lawrence River, and from Long Island to Niagara Falls, if you want cigarettes at a fraction of the regular cigspackprice, you go to a Native American reservation.

Philip Morris International Buys Nicotine Aerosol Technology

NEW YORK -Philip Morris International Inc. (PM) bought the global rights to technology that creates nicotine in the form of an aerosol as the company seeks smokeless and potentially less harmful alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

R.J. Reynolds Test Markets ‘Dissolvable’ Tobacco In Denver

GOLDEN, Colo. — Health experts are sounding the alarm about some new tobacco products that are being test-marketed in Denver.

California, Ohio Use Reserves for Tobacco Bonds

California, Ohio and Virginia will use reserve funds to pay interest and principal on bonds backed by tobacco company payments under a 1998 health-care settlement, according to a report by Herbert J. Sims & Co.