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Obama Scolds Tobacco Companies Over Labeling

President Barack Obama scolded tobacco companies Thursday for trying to block health warning labels on cigarettes, a product the world leader himself only recently quit using.

Philadelphia proposes mandating antismoking ads at retail counters where tobacco is sold

One might think that smoking bans in city parks and that graphic cigarette-pack labels coming from Washington represent the extreme of government meddling.

The demise of cigarette packaging design

Cigarette packs were the site of the world’s first tobacco control policies, when the first health warnings appeared in Britain and the United States from the mid-1960s. Tobacco companies have ever since sought to guard the integrity of the box—the “silent salesman” that is displayed to others many times each day—as their primary promotional vehicle. Industry has resisted every attempt to substitute bland, general cautions with explicit warnings, references to “addiction” and “kill,” and efforts to increase the size of the lettering. When Canada set the pace by being first to introduce graphic, pictorial warnings in 2001, the industry turned its resistance to images. Some 43 nations now have graphic warnings.

Missouri measure targets small tobacco firms

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A proposed Missouri ballot measure poses the question: Should a $1 per pack tax be imposed on cigarettes made “by certain tobacco product manufacturers?”

39 Attorney General reach agreement to curb Tobacco Sales to Minors

Chicago — Attorney General Lisa Madigan joined 38 other states and the District of Columbia today to announce an agreement with Circle K Stores Inc. and Mac’s Convenience Stores LLC to prevent the sale of tobacco to children and teens. The agreement will impose compliance checks and increase training for the companies’ 4,000 convenience stores nationwide, including more than 250 locations in Illinois, all of which sell tobacco products.

State set to get tax on Indian cigarette sales

A ruling Monday by a federal appeals court prompted state officials to begin planning to collect taxes on cigarette sales from Indians to non-Indian customers.

More try making their own cigarettes

SALISBURY — With the items he carried to the counter — the bag of pipe tobacco and boxes of cigarette tubes — Harold Mills paid

A Cigarette for 75 Cents: The Brisk, Shady Sale of ‘Loosies’

By 8:30 a.m., amid the procession of sleepy-eyed office workers and addicts from the nearby methadone clinic, Lonnie Loosie plants street cigarettes salehimself in the middle of the sidewalk on Eighth Avenue in Midtown. Addressing no one in particular, he calls out his one-size-fits-all greeting: “Newports, Newports, packs and loosies.”

Cigarette displays do encourage smoking, researcher says

In the last series of Mad Men, the directors of Sterling Cooper stopped just short of hurling themselves from the 23rd floor down on cigarettes displaysto Madison Avenue in a collective suicide pact after hearing that they had lost the contract to advertise Lucky Strike cigarettes. Some 45 years on in the real world, and tobacco advertising is banned on this side of the Atlantic and severely restricted in the US. Canada has gone further by banning attractive, back-lit displays of cigarette packets near the tills of shops and supermarkets. So, too, have Iceland, Norway, some Australian states and the Republic of Ireland. Not the UK, however. Not yet anyway.