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Tobacco shops say new taxes kill their business

SAGINAW TWP. — As Michigan smokers look for alternatives to high cigarette prices, shops cashing in on the roll-your-own-cigarettetobacco shop trend face new headwinds from the state.

Japan Tobacco Urges Serbia to Align Excise Taxes With EU

Serbia and other nations in the Western Balkans should increase excise duties on cigarettes and other tobacco goods to bring them closer to European Union levels, said Cristian Cring, Adriatic representative for Japan Tobacco Inc. (2914)

Home-grown solution to tax problem

IRVING — JC Seneca watched as one of his workers poured finely chopped tobacco into a machine that feeds the tobacco into Senecacigarette papers, rolls the papers and makes 2,300 cigarettes a minute.

Vermont Going in the Wrong Direction on Tobacco Taxation

For the most part, the constant upward pressure on cigarette taxes in the Northeast has subsided, as states have consistently failed to realize expected revenue gains. A number of states are even moving to cut these excise taxes to lure consumers that have begun to purchase contraband cigarettes or migrated to lower-tax jurisdictions. Credible proposals exist in New Hampshire, New Jersey and Rhode Island, while Maine Gov. Paul LePage campaigned on a promise to cut tobacco taxes.

Raising tobacco taxes to reduce consumption

Article Six of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC) of the World Health Organization requires that Parties to thecigarette
treaty consider tax policies and price polices as a part of their overall national health policy and recommends that governments raise tobacco taxes to reduce tobacco consumption as far as possible.

Budget ideas get creative

If Washington’s budget problems get too terrible to solve, can’t the state borrow money? Or could it issue bonds against future Lottery earnings taxor future tobacco-lawsuit payments to the state?

Tobacco tax has uncertain future

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — A bill to help the state pay long-term health insurance costs for retired workers faces an uncertain fate aftercigarettes packs the Senate Finance Committee voted the plan down Monday night.

Bid to tax Native American cigarettes stalls

Last summer, smokers who bought their cigarettes on Native American reservations were stocking up, anticipating the state’s promised clampdown on untaxed cigarette sales.

Tobacco tax hike would help budgets

State agencies that are funded out of Alabama’s General Fund budget are hurting, and that means the services provided by those money_tobaccoagencies — including Medicaid and the state’s program that provides health insurance for children living in poverty — soon could be hurting as well.