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Debate over statewide smoking ban in Kentucky

The Kentucky Legislature is looking at a bill that would establish a smoking ban across the state, impacting all public buildings. The Smoking banIndiana General Assembly also is considering a statewide smoking ban during its current session.

Detroit may ban smoking in public housing

The world for Michigan’s smokers may be shrinking again. Already illegal to light up in public buildings, bars, restaurants and — by Detroit may ban smokingJuly 1 — on University of Michigan campuses, smoking bans are moving inside some public housing, too.

Flavoured tobacco law already being flouted

MONTREAL — Tobacco companies are being accused of skirting highly publicized federal legislation — announced by Prime Minister flavored tobaccoStephen Harper — designed to keep kids from getting hooked on flavoured cigarettes.

Smoking ban starts. Well, not completely

In the final weeks before the statewide smoking ban goes into effect, bar and restaurant owners, building inspectors and the police are finding themselves peering through a haze of unanswered questions regarding the new state law.

One month on: smoking debate smoulders

A LOG fire crackles invitingly outside, casting shadows on the wall of Plato’s new beer garden. At the neatly arranged tables tobacco in barcustomers are chatting, laughing and smoking.

Smoke clears, as law goes into effect in Virginia restaurants

The state’s ban on smoking in Virginia restaurants took effect yesterday. With some exceptions, most smokers now have to drag tobacco ban in restaurantsthemselves out of Virginia’s public dining rooms and bars to light up.

Smoking bans march across region

The District was first to clear the ashtrays from its taverns in 2007. Maryland pushed its smokers outside not long after, in 2008. And on Tuesday, so goes Virginia.

Under-18s smoking ban tightened

Scottish government ministers have agreed to toughen up proposed laws on tobacco sales to make it illegal for under-18s to buy cigarettes.tobacco

Smoking ban to go before county voters

St. Louis County voters will render their verdict on a controversial smoking ban ballot measure on Tuesday, in an election that is expected to have very low turnout.