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Smokers need not apply: Is hiring ban trend of the future?

smoking on the work
For about two decades, smokers have been pushed steadily out of the workplace, as lawmakers and employers have sought to minimize exposure to second-hand smoke.

Defiant Greeks Prepare to Keep Smoking as Ban Compounds Economy

Athens restaurant owner Petros Migdos says it’s not just policies to tackle the ailing Greek economy that are hurting his business, it’s also one greece smoking adsaimed at improving the health of his countrymen.

Alberta government to launch suit against tobacco companies

EDMONTON – A pending provincial government lawsuit against the tobacco industry could turn out to be one of the biggest legal Alberta governmentactions in Alberta’s history, potentially worth up to $10 billion in recovered health care costs, a leading anti-smoking advocate says.

Tobacco control target needed in China

BEIJING, - Guaranteeing the country’s 1.3 billion people public security and extending them a longer, healthier and happier life has China smokersalways served as a primary target in the Chinese government’s campaign to build a moderately well-off society.

Philip Morris consolidates cigarette-making operations in Richmond

Tucked between the new high-speed cigarette-makers and pack-loaders in Philip Morris USA’s giant South Richmond plant, there now are lots of head-high, Plexiglas-walled boxes.

Tobacco Makers Up As Goldman Sees Volume Declines Easing

NEW YORK -Shares of tobacco makers climbed Monday after Goldman Sachs analysts called for volume declines to slow dramatically in 2010 and economic stabilization to help cushion the companies from further margin losses.

Glaxo and Nabi Team Up for Nicotine Vaccine

For the tobacco industry, there’s a lot of money to be made by getting people hooked on cigarettes and keeping them as customers Tobacco Vaccine for life. But smoking cessation products are increasingly sending a good portion of those revenues up in smoke.

Tobacco companies take advantage of internet loophole

There are concerns tobacco companies are exploiting the internet by using social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace to sell more cigarettes in clever marketing ploys.

Campaigns and Lobbying: Key Activists and Their Roles

For years, various activists have been promoting tobacco control in Mexico and in Mexico City. In particular, the knowledge, expertise and political connections of representatives from NGOs organizations – including the Inter- American Heart Foundation (FIC), the Alliance for Tobacco Control (ACTA) and the Mexican Council Against Tobacco (CMCT) – played an important role in supporting the promotion and adoption of a comprehensive smoke-free law in Mexico DF. The World Lung Foundation provided expertise and support in the development of media campaigns to advance the smoke-free agenda. Complementing the work of NGOs was the National Institute for Public Health [INSP], a government agency under the federal Health Secretariat. INSP played a vital role in supporting the legislation and in coordinating and carrying out research studies.