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Prime Minister’s overseas trip linked to tobacco group

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd accepted international flights and hotel accommodation from a German foundation that controls one of the key elements of the international tobacco industry, despite his earlier statements that “cigarettes kill people.”
Statements, Mr. Rudd interests filed in the federal parliament show that in October last year, he was given a return international tickets and accommodation for two days in Berlin Koerber Foundation, a German non-profit organization, is the sole owner of the world’s leading supplier of machines for the production of filter cigarettes.

FDA opens the “historical” period to regulate tobacco

Four years after Congress gave him the authority to regulate tobacco products to protect the health of the nation, the Food and Drug Administration issued the first slate of decisions affecting the market for tobacco products, by adopting two new products and rejecting four.
The agency on Tuesday gave Lorillard Tobacco Co. the green light to market two new proposals cigarette offerings - and menthol version of its brand Newport - Newport finding Non-Menthol 100s gold box and Newport Non-Menthol Gold Box “do not raise different questions of public health,” than their counterparts that are already on the market.

Louisiana Return market beating tobacco bonds

Louisiana is refinancing of $ 638 million in bonds backed by payments tobacco companies such as debt beats broad $ 3.7 trillion Muni market this year.
This week’s sale by the Tobacco Funding Corporation, which is the return of the securities sold in 2001, based on revenues from 1998 settlement between tobacco companies and USA state to cover medical costs associated with smoking.

LT group of banks on tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, to stimulate growth

Conglomerate LT Group Inc. is betting on market leadership in its core business of tobacco and alcoholic beverages for further growth, its top executive said yesterday.

Tobacco Laws for youth may reduce adult smoking

States that want to reduce adult smoking rates may consider the introduction of severe restrictions on tobacco teenagers, suggests a new study by researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Tobacco companies started ‘stealth-marketing’

With their backs to the wall on the background of increasingly stringent regulations, and the looming threat to remove all branding from cigarette packs, tobacco companies need all the allies they can find.

Bollywood ‘youth films

Half of Bollywood’s top grossing “youth rated” films released between 2006 and 2008 showed, the use of tobacco, according to a study that evaluated the impact of such scenes. Of the 45 movies of different ratings studied were 24 had180 such scenes. They include 19 of the 38 films, rating or U U /A, and five of the six rated A.

Lawyers condemn tobacco exhibition

Local authorities to improve the health and medical experts Tuesday accused the tobacco museum in the Yangpu District of being a giant advertisement for the tobacco industry, and demanded that the government cancel his honor, as a place to take students to the patriotic education of youth.

Obama’s Tobacco Tax Plan expected to follow California’s Example

President Obama is expected to include in his budget proposal for the financing plan for universal preschool program through taxes on tobacco products, which is similar to the California initiative, KPCC in “KPCC News” reports.
Obama is expected to present its draft budget on Wednesday (Fernandez, “KPCC News”, KPCC, 4/8).