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Tobacco industry targeting poor

The first plain packaging was manufactured in Australia by Big Tobacco, new Zealand announced last month that it will be the following one, and at least India will realized plain packaging.

Tobacco smuggling in Europe are lower than industry figures show

Tobacco smuggling inEuropeare lower than the industry assume the published Tobacco Control.

E-auction of tobacco boon for farmers

With the introduction of the first electronic auction system for tobacco in the world, the process is all set to become more transparent and efficient. The system introduced by the Central Council of tobacco Friday in Periyapattana, is expected to put an end to the threat of intermediaries and the exploitation of farmers at the auction yards.

Countries to report illegal tobacco trade in the global treaty

Today, government delegates from around the world have taken illicit trade protocol global tobacco treaty - the world’s first public health and corporate accountability treaty - but not without a fight from Big Tobacco.

Focus on tobacco farmers

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile questioned the corporate briefing last week that the proposed “sin tax” bill pending in Congress today will be as it is. He also expressed the view that the tax increase to the level proposed would have a negative impact on local tobacco farmers, especially in the northern part of the island of Luzon, where he.

The group accuses the party list of “facade” for tobacco industry

A network of anti-tobacco lawyers has asked the Commission on Elections to disqualify party list organizations accusing him of being the front group for the powerful tobacco industry.

Lifeline for tobacco farmers

The down and out of tobacco farmers of Krishna district are likely to sell their licenses and switch to other crops in the coming season after the recent decision of the Board of Tobacco to allow the transfer of the license barn farmers in other regions of the country, Karnataka on.

Tobacco industry should not use farmers to fight Baryomunsi bill

The tobacco industry is using farmers as an excuse to oppose tobacco control legislation.

The proposed roil cigar industry

 Moreno said that the tobacco industry gets an unfair taxation and regulation. He is particularly concerned about what will happen to his business as the Food and Drug Administration believes additional rules on the cigar industry.