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Smoking and Age

PRINCETON, NJ - Older Americans are generally less likely than those who are younger to report that they smoke, but the age/smoking relationship is not uniform. Smoking is higher among younger baby boomers between the ages of 44 and 54 than it is among those in their 30s and those 55 and older.

The Tobacco Timeline

Tobacco in some form has been around for eons.tobacco time

American Idol winner sparks smoking debate

Just a few miles after passing a towering Marlboro Man ad, a second billboard off the highway promotes cigarettes with a new American face: Kelly Clarkson.

Presidential smoking = public health opportunity

President Barack Obama’s ongoing battle with cigarettes provides an enormous public health opportunity to do something to reduce the 400,000 American lives lost every year to smoking.

No clear path in budget battles

South Dakota lawmakers receive the final revenue report of the 2010 legislative session Monday morning.

What’s Sexier: Obama’s Smoking or His Nuclear Weapons Policy?

On Monday, as I walked to the White House for the daily press briefing, I bumped into a Canadian journalist who was heading there as well, and we engaged in a common practice: guessing what topic would dominate the questions for press secretary Robert Gibbs. Health care, I said, explaining that this was still the main narrative of Washington’s political theater: Would President Obama resolve to use the reconciliation procedure to push his health care overhaul over the finish line? “Not the new Nuclear Posture Review?” she asked, almost incredulously. I chuckled and politely shook my head. “But it’s on the front page of The New York Times,” she exclaimed.

Smoking racket

In 2006, the global nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) market was estimated at $1.7 billion. The pharmaceutical industry places tobacco smokemore messages about quitting in front of smokers than any other source: in the USA, smokers see 10.37 pharmaceutical cessation advertisements per month compared with 3.25 from health agency messages. The constant megaphoning of the idea that quitting requires drugs is causing a rather spurious tail to wag a large banished dog carrying an important message.

Food Companies Face Fees Under Obama Budget Proposal

WASHINGTON—Food companies and drug makers could face more than $250 million in new fees under a proposal included in the Food

Brewer would end health care for thousands to trim budget

PHOENIX — Gov. Jan Brewer wants to take away state-paid health care for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans as a way of balancing the state budget.