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Tobacco Companies Knew of Radiation in Cigarettes

Tobacco companies knew that cigarettes contained a radioactive substance called polonium-210, but hid that knowledge from the smoking quitpublic for over four decades, a new study of historical documents revealed.

Tobacco giant’s war on science

The world’s largest tobacco company is attempting to gain access to confidential information about British teenagers’ smoking habits.Philip Morris giant

Sweden holds firm on EU snus fight

Sweden’s government has pledged to continue to fight for the lifting of the EU-wide ban against moist snuff or ‘snus’, in the face of what it calls European “ignorance” of the smokeless tobacco product.

Tobacco Farmers in Transition to Sustainability

As the American tobacco industry has fallen with the overwhelming evidence of smoking’s negative health implications, the rise in international tobacco production competition, the mounting social taboo of smoking, as well a shift away from the government’s Depression-era tobacco quota system of subsidies, tobacco farmers have had to come up with new ways to earn a living. This situation has, ironically, constructively contributed to the sustainable agriculture movement, causing some tobacco farmers to convert their land and livelihoods into more sustainable enterprises that move away from growing tobacco.

Arts Council will sell artwork donated by R.J. Reynolds

The Arts Council of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County has acquired $700,000 worth of artwork that it plans to sell for the benefit of council programs and funded groups.

Tobacco bonds in MN budget come at hefty price

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The budget deal that ended Minnesota’s government shutdown comes with a hefty price: It relies heavily on borrowing $640 million against money from the state’s 1998 tobacco settlement, but might cost that same amount in interest — plus a substantial annual revenue loss for years to come.

Innovation, pricing key to tobacco growth

RICHMOND, Va. - Raising prices and introducing new products, especially varieties of smokeless tobacco, remain key growth strategies for tobacco companies as smokers worldwide increasingly face tax hikes, smoking bans, health concerns and social stigma, research firm Euromonitor International said Tuesday.

FDA Reorganizes at the Top

WASHINGTON—The Food and Drug Administration, whose relations with medical companies have been strained of late, named a former senior drug-company official and Dartmouth Medical School dean as its new deputy commissioner overseeing much of the agency’s operations.

Genetically modified tobacco plants to fight HIV?

Drug companies have long used plants to produce pharmaceuticals-and tobacco plants, perhaps ironically, have been explored for Planta tobaccotheir potential role in fighting such things as cancer, cavities, scorpion venom, and more.