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Philadelphia proposes mandating antismoking ads at retail counters where tobacco is sold

One might think that smoking bans in city parks and that graphic cigarette-pack labels coming from Washington represent the extreme of government meddling.

Extreme negative anti-smoking ads can backfire

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Health communicators have long searched for the most effective ways to convince smokers to quit. Now, University of Missouri researchers have found that using a combination of disturbing images and threatening messages to prevent smoking is not effective and could potentially cause an unexpected reaction.

Teens Highly Susceptible to Tobacco Advertising

Every year the tobacco industry spends literally, billions of dollars on promotion, sponsorship and advertising. Tobacco advertising increases teen smokerstobacco consumption. Teens are at especially high risk of starting to smoke product advertisements and viewing such ads alone is guaranteed to start more youths on this habit.

Big tobacco will run rings around advertising ban

We can expect smoke signals from parliament in the next couple of weeks. The long-awaited, much-debated government plan to ban cigarette displays and advertisements in shops and newsagents and turf out vending machines from pubs is due to be revealed soon.

Alcohol and tobacco advertising bans don’t work

Bans on alcohol and tobacco marketing are among the least effective tactics for combating underage drinking and smoking, according to a Penn State economist, who has studied the effects of advertising since 1985.

New Law Prevents Tobacco From Sports Advertising

NASCAR and tobacco used to go hand and hand, as NASCAR grew-up in the Carolinas where every-year thousands of tobacco Sports Advertisingplants grow from the semi-tropical soil that is needed for its growth.

Ferrari’s Subliminal Cigarette Ads

Does the barcode on this Ferrari F10 make you want to pick up a pack of Marlboros? According to English doctors, it’s designed to Ferrari Cigarette Adsdo just that. They claim the Ferrari F1 livery violates a tobacco sponsorship ban.

Did Camel Ads Encourage Teen to Smoke?

MONDAY, — Does your teenage or college-age daughter read fashion magazines such as Glamour or Vogue? Does she smoke?camel 9

Effects of tobacco ad ban not yet felt