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Alcohol is worse than cigarettes

Last week, Stacey Rhymes from Derby, who died from alcoholic liver disease at 24, appealed from the grave for steps to stop enticing vulnerable young people into addiction, when her mother released harrowing photographs of her daughter’s decline. Hers is the human face of a huge statistical problem – research published yesterday foresees more than 90,000 lives lost to alcohol over the next decade. As a practising gastroenterologist, I regularly see patients whose lives have been wrecked by alcohol. The media have focused on binge-drinking, but consumption has risen throughout society and brought an epidemic of alcoholic liver disease with it. A third of patients on our wards are alcoholics, and these days many are in their 20s and 30s, like Stacey, or even younger.

A Malaysian Alcohol and Tobacco Board

The recent controversy over the sale of beer in Selangor underscores the need for a more sensitive and enlightened policy to handle issues that predominantly affect one community. Often they are handled crudely and ineffectively, resulting in increased inter-communal suspicion and hostility.