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Cigarette mailing ban on Senecas is upheld

Nebraska lawmakers advance cigarette legislation

LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) — A bill that would create a way for Nebraska to collect tobacco tax revenue from American Indian tribes Nebraska lawmakersadvanced Wednesday through a first-round legislative vote.

NC GOP lawmakers target tobacco settlement money

RALEIGH, N.C. - The manufacture of cigarette-store.biz/online/camel and Lucky Strikes kept tax dollars flowing in North Carolina during Big Tobacco’s heyday. Now lawmakers are asking if they should take long-protected cigarette company settlement money - while possibly settling a humbling chapter in the state’s past.

Bid to tax Native American cigarettes stalls

Last summer, smokers who bought their cigarettes on Native American reservations were stocking up, anticipating the state’s promised clampdown on untaxed cigarette sales.

Ritz-Carlton gets first ticket for violating Clayton’s smoking ordinance

Louis has received the first citation for violating Clayton’s 7-month-old smoking ban — for allowing guests at the annual Cigar Club cigarsformal party Saturday night to light up.

America’s New Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms

It just never ends; at least for the next two years, and if the first two were anything to go on, they can seem like an eternity. It is Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearmsnonetheless scary to contemplate what more harm that these people can do; this time, to our very precious Second Amendment rights.

Attorneys: Big Tobacco conspired not to settle with flight attendants sickened by secondhand smoke

Attorneys for flight attendants who allege secondhand smoke aboard commercial aircraft made them sick want a Miami-Dade judge attorneys layto hit tobacco companies with $30 million in sanctions for crafting an agreement they say violates Florida’s good faith laws.

NYC tapes illegal cig sales on reservation

NEW YORK - New York City investigators secretly videotaped cigarette dealers on a Long Island Indian reservation illegally selling untaxed smokes for re-sale at city bodegas, officials said Thursday.

Tobacco Lobbyists Orchestrate Effort To Repeal CA Clean Energy Law

To manage their initiative to roll back California’s landmark climate change law, AB 32, big oil is turning to the same deceptive tobacco operatives who engineered Philip Morris’ fight against efforts to tax cigarettes and stop childhood as well as indoor smoking. According to veteran right-wing activist Ted Costa, former Philip Morris outside counsel Tom Hiltachk co-opted his AB 32 repeal initiative, known as Proposition 23 (”Prop 23″). Hiltachk’s name appears on both versions of Prop 23 filed with the California Attorney General, and his tactics and already ubiquitous in the campaign.