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Antismoking proposals in Japan are stubbed out by the government-big business alliance

For Japanese fashion designer Juri Satou, who recently moved to New York City, recently-passed laws there banning smoking in city Tobacco-Nanka-Su-Monkeyparks, beaches, and other public spaces took her by surprise. “Lots of people ignore the laws, risking the $50 fine,” she told Metropolis. “Anyway, you can smoke when you’re walking on the street. It’s strange! But for me, the most annoying thing is that I can’t smoke in nightclubs.”

Murdoch’s ties to big tobacco

Rupert Murdoch’s phone-hacking problems have been all over the news in recent days, but it wasn’t too long ago his media properties were providing a supportive environment for Big Tobacco that went largely unreported.

Illinois mulls smoking ban loophole

HAMMOND, Ind. — Clutching his Marlboro, Clifford Hutchison works a slot machine unaware of his role in a desperate competition to balance state budgets.

Parallels between tobacco and food industries

A former commissioner of the Food and Drug Administration who took on big tobacco and restored the FDA to an aggressive tobacco and food industriesadvocate for public health will give a free lecture at ASU on Feb. 24 entitled “Public Health Policy in America: Who Wins, Who Loses.”

Tobacco industry adapts to world of fewer smokers

By any name or variety you choose — call it snuff, dip, chew or plug — smokeless tobacco is making a comeback, and Tennessee tobacco producersfarmers, factory workers and consumers are playing a major role in the renewed buzz.

The Most Promising Dividends in Tobacco

Dividend payers deserve a berth in any long-term stock portfolio. But seemingly attractive dividend yields are not always as fetching as they may appear. Let’s see which companies in the tobacco industry offer the most promising dividends.

Louis F. Bantle, Chief of U.S. Tobacco, Dies at 81

Louis F. Bantle, who helped build the United States Tobacco Company into one of the most powerful brands in the tobacco industry, Louis F. Bantle. gaining an 80 percent share of the market for chewing tobacco, died Oct. 10 in Greenwich, Conn. He was 81.

Swedish Match Completes Transaction with Scandinavia Tobacco Group

Swedish Match (SM) (STO:SWMA) and Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG) announce the creation of a global company with leading market positions in cigars, pipe tobacco and fine cut tobacco.

The World’s Richest Man’s New Mansion

If you stand on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and look across the street, you’ll have a small chance of glimpsing the world’s richest person.