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Bulgaria Signs Contract to Sell Bulgartabak to Russia’s VTB

Bulgaria signed a contract with a unit of Russia’s second-largest bank OAO VTB to sell a majority stake in Bulgartabak Holding (57B), ending a fourth effort in 12 years to sell the biggest state-owned tobacco maker.

Cigarette makers are raising prices as demand shrinks

Cigarette makers are raising prices yet again as they adjust to shrinking demand for their products.

Why Big Gaming helped snuff out voter-approved smoking ban

The first time tavern owners tried to overturn the smoking ban, during the 2009 Legislature, I was amazed they even got it out of committee, foolishly thinking Democrats in the majority would never go against the voters who had approved the ban in 2006. I asked a lobbyist working against the smoking ban if he’d be getting a bonus in cartons of cigarettes.

Big Tobacco Test Smokeless Tobacco Products

RICHMOND, Va. — Philip Morris USA and R.J. Reynolds are gearing up to test smokeless tobacco products come March. This will mark smokeless-tobaccothe debut of PM USA’s cigarette-store.biz/online/marlboro and Skoal smokeless tobacco sticks and the second round of testing for R.J. Reynolds’s Camel Sticks, Camel Strips and Camel Orbs.

Bulgaria to place Bulgartabac for sale in February

Bulgaria’s state cigarette producer Bulgartabac Holding will be declared for privatization in February 2011, according to the Economy Bulgartabac HoldingMinistry.

The Real State of Big Tobacco

In retrospect, it’s not so hard to understand why Altria (NYSE: MO) supported FDA regulation of the tobacco industry. The Food and Drug Administration may have some control over product development and advertising for cigarettes and snuff, but when it comes to the big picture for the tobacco industry, the Feds are just a small piece of the pie.

Big tobacco bankrolls anti-Labor ad campaign

The big tobacco companies are fighting back against the Government’s plans to introduce plain cigarette packaging by funding small retailers in a massive advertising campaign timed to coincide with the final weeks of the election campaign.

Big Tobacco won’t have to pay $280 billion

Richmond, Va. - The U.S. Supreme Court yesterday put an end to Washington’s bid to fine Big Tobacco more than a quarter of a big tobacco industrytrillion dollars for violating federal racketeering law.

Big Tobacco Cutting Contracts With US Farmers

After years of faithfully supplying leaf to tobacco giant Philip Morris International, farmer Jess Burrier received a postcard, thanking him for his contributions and telling him his service wasn’t needed this year.