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Big Tobacco growing smokeless business

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company is ramping up marketing for dissolvable tobacco products in Colorado and North Carolina test smokeless tobacco usemarkets, meanwhile the FDA is still reviewing whether and how it can control the new substances.

For Big Tobacco, South-East Asia is the final frontier

STRICT regulation and the success of anti-smoking campaigns continue to hit tobacco firms’ revenues in rich countries. In the biggest developing countries—China and India—governments are keen to protect local firms from Western cigarette-makers. That leaves Big Tobacco with few large markets that have growth potential and a relative lack of regulation. And of these, South-East Asia looks the most promising over the coming decade.

Tobacco lobbyists step up work in Oklahoma Legislature

Big tobacco companies have hired a slew of influential Oklahoma lobbyists this year to help the industry defeat legislation that would let cities regulate smoking.

Imperial better placed for plain packaging threat - Analysis

LONDON, - Britain’s Imperial Tobacco looks better placed than rivals with more expensive brands if plain packaging rules for cigarettes spread from developed to emerging markets, as health warnings did.

Extraordinary Influence of Big Tobacco inside Russia

Big tobacco’s influence inside Russia dates back to 1992, when the Russian government’s monopoly in tobacco products ended. Multinational tobacco giants Philip Morris and British American Tobacco swiftly moved in, followed by Japan Tobacco, attracted by one of the world’s largest and fastest growing cigarette markets. The attractions for the industry were numerous: a substantial pool of current smokers, large numbers of potential new smokers among women and youths, weak anti-tobacco legislation, and a political climate in which the tobacco companies could exert political influence – both in Russia and among other former Soviet republics.

Health Care Industry Adopts Big Tobacco’s PR Tactics