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South Florida workplaces push smoking bans to cut insurance costs

South Florida businesses and nonprofits are pushing their employees to stop smoking and lead healthier lives with the goal of controlling ballooning health care costs and increasing productivity.

Moody’s takes rating actions on 35 tobacco bond issues

Moody’s Investors Service on Tuesday took rating actions on 35 tobacco securitizations affecting about $22 billion of debt due to Moody's Investorsimplications from a recent court ruling and a drop in tobacco consumption.

Arbitration to begin in tobacco dispute

Financially pressed states might have to return $1.1 billion to Big Tobacco this year, if a review finds the states aren’t trying hard enough to keep a 12-year-old legal settlement from hurting the companies too much.

Smoking ban lawsuit goes up in smoke

Farmington Hills — Oakland County’s sudden reversal Thursday of its threat to sue the state over enforcement of the state’s smoking ban added fuel to the battle over who would make sure smokers don’t light up indoors after May 1.

Smoking racket

In 2006, the global nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) market was estimated at $1.7 billion. The pharmaceutical industry places tobacco smokemore messages about quitting in front of smokers than any other source: in the USA, smokers see 10.37 pharmaceutical cessation advertisements per month compared with 3.25 from health agency messages. The constant megaphoning of the idea that quitting requires drugs is causing a rather spurious tail to wag a large banished dog carrying an important message.

Push to ban smoking by 2020 continues

Anti-smoking groups will meet in Wellington on Monday as part of their continuing campaign to make New Zealand smoke smok cigsfree by 2020.

Lobbyists open wallets to influence Pa. budget

HARRISBURG - When it became clear that the state budget was in crisis mode, three industries with much at stake in Harrisburg opened their wallets.

Lebanon ‘must move’ to ban smoking

BEIRUT: Lebanon must move urgently toward a comprehensive ban on smoking in public places, tobacco advertising and event sponsorship, and add warning labels to tobacco products in order to avoid thousands of preventable tobacco-related deaths annually, health experts said Wednesday. Speaking at a tobacco control workshop for journalists organized by the Health Ministry’s National Tobacco Control Program, health officials said around 3,500 people in Lebanon die each year from diseases associated with smoking or exposure to second-hand smoke. The figures suggest, more people in Lebanon die from tobacco than tuberculosis, pneumonia, HIV/AIDS and car accidents combined.

The happiest smokers live in Tokyo

While the Japan government was in process of implementing a ban on smoking in public places, a smokers’ haven recently opened its doors in the downtown of Tokyo, Café Tobacco.