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British American Tobacco Announces Largest Annual Revenue in 14 Years

BAT Tobacco
British American Tobacco Holdings (New Zealand), the nation’s major tobacco company, revealed its greatest annual revenue since at least 1999, after profits have increased by 15 % as it reduced costs whilst elevated excise tax boosted prices.

Does British American Tobacco Measure Up?

The more British American Tobacco holds every dollar it receives the income, the more money it has to invest in growth, fund new strategic plans, distribute to shareholders. Sound fields are often separate pretenders from the best stocks in the market.

BAT Dumps Bulgarian Cigarette Maker

British American Tobacco, the only top-notch investor among the companies, which were expected to bid for Bulgaria’s majority bulgar tobaccostake in cigarette maker Bulgartabac, has withdrawn from the tender, officials said.

British American Tobacco Remains Only Strategic Bidder for Bulgartabac

Only three companies have remained to bid for the privatization of Bulgaria’s state-owned cigarette-making giant Bulgartabac bulgar tobaccoHolding, and only one of them is a strategic investor – British American Tobacco.

BAT eyes Sudan as cigarette sales in Kenya stagnate

British American Tobacco Kenya (BAT) is set to venture into Southern Sudan to expand its export business as the local market Cigarettes price risecomes under increasing regulatory pressures.

British American to Market Tobacco-Free Nicotine Products

British American Tobacco BTI will develop tobacco-free nicotine products at its newly created Nicoventures unit in BATan attempt to retain revenue from smokers who wish to quit on health grounds. We regard the move as a hedge against declining rates of smoking in developed markets, and we expect the new unit to remain a very small piece of British American’s top line for several years. Although we think British American is a solid business, we think the stock’s recent rally has overshot the intrinsic value of the firm, and we recommend value investors look to Imperial Tobacco ITYBY for value in the tobacco industry.

British American Tobacco Cut From U.S. Racketeering Case

British American Tobacco Plc, Europe’s largest cigarette maker, was dropped from the U.S. government’s racketeering lawsuit after aBAT judge in Washington ruled the U.S. no longer has the authority to hold the U.K. company liable for hiding the health hazards of smoking.

British American Tobacco Criticizes ‘silly’ tobacco legislation

British American Tobacco South Africa has named several articles of the local department of public health’ introduced amendments to the lawBAT covering sales of tobacco products as “silly”.

Introduced regulations make British American Tobacco reduce earnings forecast

A legislation recently introduced to Kenyan Parliament has dimmed the performance forecast for local tobacco companies, promptingBAT British American Tobacco (BAT), the largest cigarette maker in the country, to reduce its earnings outlook for next fiscal year.