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Brown wants candy-like tobacco taken off market

WASHINGTON—To the average school nurse, teacher or security officer, they might well pass as innocent packages of breath mints.tobacco candy

Tobacco Candy Poisoning Kids, Study Shows

NEW YORK - Thousands of young children are accidentally poisoned by tobacco products each year in the U.S., and new dissolvable candy lucky cigarettestobacco products that resemble candy might pose an additional risk, according to researchers.

Kids may mistake new tobacco products for candy

FARMINGTON — New tobacco products often look like candy, and their packaging may look like cell phones or other electronics.

Flavored cigarettes far from a kid’s candy stick

The Food and Drug Administration banned flavored cigarettes, citing youthful first-time smokers who may be more attracted to cherry cloves than a cigarette.

Kids and candy or fruit flavors cigarette

At least since 1994, when seven tobacco executives testified before Congress that they didn’t think cigarettes were addictive, the public has not put great trust in those who sell carcinogens for a living. What Americans may not realize is that they also shouldn’t believe the people who are supposed to protect us from tobacco. When it comes to cigarettes, the federal government can blow smoke with the best of them.