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Chewing tobacco joins ‘banned foods’ in India

New Delhi, - Chewing tobacco, like gutka and paan masala, has been included among banned “food products” in the government’s new food safety guidelines. The move has been welcomed by health activists as increasing incidence of oral cancer is being reported in the country, with the 2010 figure at more than 70,000.

Hidden risks of chewing tobacco ‎

More than 80% of chewing tobacco products sold in England do not comply with legislation, according to a report seen by BBC News.Chewing_tobacco

Chewing tobacco sends heart pounding

NEW DELHI: You thought that puffing away on cigarettes only could result in a racy heart?Chewing Tobacco for Kids

Chewing Tobacco for Kids Spreads Oral Cancer in India

Safiq Shaikh was 13 when he began chewing a blend of tobacco and spices that jolted him awake when his job at a textile loom got too dreary. Five years later, doctors in Mumbai lopped off his tongue to halt the cancer that was spreading through his mouth.

WHO rips traditional use of chewing tobacco

THE traditional use of chewing tobacco as a morning sickness remedy may damage the health of thousands of Cambodian newborns chewing tobaccoevery year, a new World Health Organisation (WHO) study warns.

Why Do So Many Baseball Players Chew Tobacco?

Chew TobaccoA handful of players on both the New York Yankees and the Philadelphia Phillies have played this year’s World Series with a wad of tobacco in their mouths. Have baseball players always used smokeless tobacco?