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The demise of cigarette packaging design

Cigarette packs were the site of the world’s first tobacco control policies, when the first health warnings appeared in Britain and the United States from the mid-1960s. Tobacco companies have ever since sought to guard the integrity of the box—the “silent salesman” that is displayed to others many times each day—as their primary promotional vehicle. Industry has resisted every attempt to substitute bland, general cautions with explicit warnings, references to “addiction” and “kill,” and efforts to increase the size of the lettering. When Canada set the pace by being first to introduce graphic, pictorial warnings in 2001, the industry turned its resistance to images. Some 43 nations now have graphic warnings.

FDA requires cigarette packs to bear graphic warning labels

Warning: cover your children’s eyes.health warning

Will New Packaging Stop Big Tobacco?

Graphic anti-smoking labels are coming to a tobacco retailer near you. But will it matter to tobacco companies’ profits?

Cigarette packaging war gets dirty in Australia

Health Minister Nicola Roxon is accusing big tobacco of launching a smear campaign against her after it was revealed she had cigarette-packagingcourted a tobacco company for donations.

Australia Wants to Be the First State to Introduce Plain Packaging

Recently the Rudd government’s National Preventative Health Taskforce presented a position paper on anti-tobacco measures titled as “Making Smoking History”.

Trademark attorney: Tobacco companies have no case on plain packaging

In response to last week’s plans by the government to restrict cigarette packaging to plain and standardised designs, the cigarette industry has warned that it will protect its intellectual property rights and claim compensation from the government. I saw a figure of $3 billion as a possible amount for that compensation. The government has denied that compensation would be needed. So who has the better case?

Branding on cigarette packs misleads smokers

Branding on cigarette packets is being done in such a manner that they mislead smokers into believing some products to be lesscigarette packsharmful than others, according to a study.

Amcor Offers $2.03 Billion for Part of Rio Packaging

Amcor LTDAmcor Ltd., Australia’s largest packaging company, offered to buy part of Rio Tinto Group’s Alcan packaging unit for $2.03 billion to become the biggest supplier of drug and healthcare packets.

Cigarette packaging design can mislead smokers

New research suggests that current regulations have failed to remove misleading information from cigarette packaging, revealing that a substantial majority of consumers believe cigarettes are less hazardous when the packs display words such as “silver” or “smooth,” lower numbers incorporated into the brand name, lighter colors or pictures of filters.cigarettes package