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Tobacco industry’s smokescreen in packaging debate

Tobacco manufacturers generally have a hard time trying to seize the moral high ground. But that is what is happening in Australia, where the Senate, the upper house of parliament, will decide in the next couple of weeks whether to approve the world’s toughest anti-smoking legislation.

World-first plain packaging for tobacco products becomes law in Australia


Court deals new blow to tobacco giants over plain packaging battle in Australia

THE Federal Court has struck a major blow to the big tobacco companies trying to stop plain packaging legislation, with a judgment cigarettestoday dismissing British American Tobacco’s attempts to gain secret government legal advice on the controversial measures.

EU uneasy with plain packaging

THE European Union has raised concerns about moves to introduce plain packaging for cigarettes, at World Trade Organisation forums in Geneva.

Banning “light” from cigarette packs falls short

NEW YORK - More and more countries are banning the words “light” and “mild” from cigarette packs, but a new study suggests that may not be enough to dispel smokers’ misbeliefs that the products are safer.

FDA to issue new graphic cigarette warning labels

RICHMOND, Va.—Coming to a store near you: nine more reasons not to smoke.

Ignore big tobacco’s absurd fight against plain packs

EARLIER this month the Australian government released draft legislation that promises to be a landmark in the global fight against tobacco. If passed, from January 2012 cigarettes and hand-rolling tobacco will have to be sold in plain, unappealing olive-brown packs plastered with large, graphic health warnings. The only thing distinguishing one brand from another will be the name written in a standard font on the top, bottom and front of the pack, below the health warning. This is a world first.

Plain packaging will hit sales hard, and big tobacco is worried

So, the move to cigarette plain packaging will do nothing to reduce the rate of smoking, but it will be a pain in the proverbial for Plainpackshopkeepers. I’m told this at least once an hour on talk radio, so it must be true.

Plain packaging bill to extinguish some tobacco trade marks

Tim Wilson’s piece on the plain packaging legislation basically repeats the claims that have previously been made by him. Last year, I gave a detailed response to Tim’s claims about the Constitution and international treaties.