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A Cigarette for 75 Cents: The Brisk, Shady Sale of ‘Loosies’

By 8:30 a.m., amid the procession of sleepy-eyed office workers and addicts from the nearby methadone clinic, Lonnie Loosie plants street cigarettes salehimself in the middle of the sidewalk on Eighth Avenue in Midtown. Addressing no one in particular, he calls out his one-size-fits-all greeting: “Newports, Newports, packs and loosies.”

How to Distinguish a Counterfeit Tobacco Product?

It was found that daily in South Africa are sold more than 15 million illicit tobacco products and the returns are used to sponsor Counterfeit Tobacco Productorganized underworld.

European Commission and Imperial Tobacco sign agreement to combat illicit trade in tobacco

Today the European Commission announced a multi-year agreement with Imperial Tobacco Limited (ITL) to work together in tackling the illicit trade in tobacco products. Under the legally binding agreement, ITL will work with the European Commission, its anti-fraud office OLAF, and Member States’ law enforcement authorities to help in the fight against contraband and counterfeit cigarettes. The Agreement includes substantial payments by ITL to the Commission and Member States, totalling USD 300 million (EUR 207 million1) over the next 20 years. It should make a significant contribution to the EU’s efforts to fight the illicit tobacco trade, which robs the EU and Member States of billions of euros every year.

Suspect in giant cigarette smuggling case declared guilty

A Cigarette wholesaler from Kentucky was declared guilty in huge federal case related to smuggling of cigarettes worth millions of dollars.

Tobacco tax rise could drive people to black market

A $6.50 RISE in the tobacco tax being considered by the Rudd Government could drive smokers to the blackmarket and deprive the discount cigarettesGovernment of tax revenue, convenience stores warned.

What Do Children Do in Tobacco Farms?

In a new finding, Plan, one of the largest children’s development organizations, released a report stating that an estimated 78,000 kids exploitationchildren in Malawi are working in the tobacco estates — a finding that completely contradicts laws governing child protection.

The war on cigarette smuggling

One cigarette in every ten sold in the European Union has been illegally imported. To combat the booming business in smuggled tobacco from Eastern Europe and Asia, Brussels has decided to tighten security on the EU’s external borders. Poland is in the front line of the war on the cigarette smugglers.

Iran’s Smoking Nuclear Gun

Could this finally be the smoking gun? In the United Kingdom, The Times has revealed that it is in possession of an Iranian document discussing plans to construct and secretly test a “neutron trigger.” If the document is legitimate (there has been no official word yet confirming that, but it’s certainly being taken seriously) then Iran would finally be out of excuses. Their intention to build a nuclear weapon would be obvious to the whole world.

Tobacco wars

Chapters poised to protect children from cigarettes, secondhand smoke
AAP Department of Community, Chapter and State Affairs