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Should cigarettes be linked to CPI?

Most economics textbooks say that governments cannot cut down the smoking rate through price adjustments because demand of the unhealthy products is not reflective of the cigarettes costing more.

New York Expects Big Tobacco Tax Payoff

ALBANY, N.Y. — Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s office expects the state to see an additional $27 million in tax revenue through renewed New York Taxesefforts to enforce New York’s $4.35-per-pack excise tax on cigarettes, including those sold by American Indian tribes on reservations, according to a Legislative Gazette report.

Senecas say tobacco taxes not “Indian problem”

seneca Indians
ALBANY, N.Y. — The Enforce the Law, Collect the Tax Coalition applauded the Cuomo Administration’s announcement that it has begun shutting down the unstamped, untaxed reservation cigarette trade, and it urged the Administration to promptly collect taxes on all brands, including Native American manufactured products.

Would Raising the Cigarette Tax Help Japan’s Reconstruction Costs?

Hiking tax on tobacco and liquor is addictive in Japan. It’s also an easier option for politicians, who would receive a tongue-lashing for hiking key taxes – income tax, consumption tax and corporate tax.

NYS will crack down on tobacco tax collections

Armed with a favorable court ruling, New York state has started an aggressive path to seize revenues from Indian-operated tobacco retailers who are selling tax-free cigarettes to non-Native Americans.

La. House renews tobacco tax

BATON ROUGE, La. — The Louisiana House reinvigorated a proposal Monday to renew the 4-cent cigarette tax, trying to sidetrack Gov. Bobby Jindal’s veto of the measure.

Home-grown solution to tax problem

IRVING — JC Seneca watched as one of his workers poured finely chopped tobacco into a machine that feeds the tobacco into Senecacigarette papers, rolls the papers and makes 2,300 cigarettes a minute.

State set to get tax on Indian cigarette sales

A ruling Monday by a federal appeals court prompted state officials to begin planning to collect taxes on cigarette sales from Indians to non-Indian customers.

Missouri Officials Refuse to Increase Cigarette Tax

A pack of Marlboro red at one of the smoke shop in the Missouri tax cigarettesstate capital costs $5.14. The same cigarettes cost more than $13 on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. “In case this is a race to the bottom, Missouri will win,” stated Missouri state representative, Mary Still, referring to the fact that currently Missouri levies the lowest cigarette tax in the U.S. (17 cents per pack).