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U.S. seeks to ban electronic cigarettes on airplanes

The Department of Transportation has proposed a federal rule that would explicitly ban electronic cigarettes on all domestic and international commercial flights in the U.S.

Smoking ban linked to reduction in heart attacks

COLUMBUS — Enactment of Ohio’s strict ban on smoking in indoor public places was immediately followed by a sharp decline in the number of apparent heart attacks, a state study released Thursday showed.

Tacoma-Pierce County wants to ban electronic cigarettes in public places

The proposal also would ban the sale of the e-cigarettes to minors.

Smoking ban from 1 April in Hungary

Nicotine addicts will be forced to go outside for a puff after parliament passed legislation last week banning indoor smoking in all Smoking women barpublic places, including transport vehicles, stations, underground pedestrian passages and playgrounds, from 1 April next year. Tobacco-using MPs will have to visit one of the terraces of the parliament building but it is bar and restaurant owners who are most worried about the new regulation.

Illinois House votes to lift casino smoking ban

SPRINGFIELD — The Illinois House voted Tuesday to lift a smoking ban in all of the state’s casinos during a debate that pitted the tobacco in Casinohealth of bettors and casino workers against hundreds of millions of dollars in lost revenues.

Spain Plans To Close Restaurants That Infringe Smoking Ban

A restaurant that infringes Spain’s new law prohibiting smoking in bars and other canteens will be closed, according to government restaurants smoking banofficials.

Menthol Cigarette Ban? Tobacco Companies Sue FDA

A proposed menthol cigarette menthol cigarettesban has tobacco companies fighting US health regulators in court in an effort to stop consideration of the ban.

Has NYC gone too far by banning smoking in parks?

NEW YORK — The smokers of New York huddle in phone booths, hurry down cold streets and hover at office-building doorways during breaks, puffs of smoke giving them away.

Smoking Ban for Beaches and Parks in New York Is Approved

After a bitter debate over individual liberties and the role of government, the City Council on Wednesday handily approved a bill to Smoking in parkban smoking in 1,700 city parks and along 14 miles of city beaches.