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How the tobacco industry hides behind lobbyists

The tobacco industry is covertly using third-party companies to lobby against smoking restrictions and to gain access to health documents held by public organisations.

California, Ohio Use Reserves for Tobacco Bonds

California, Ohio and Virginia will use reserve funds to pay interest and principal on bonds backed by tobacco company payments under a 1998 health-care settlement, according to a report by Herbert J. Sims & Co.

Tobacco industry report says menthol cigarettes aren’t riskier

RICHMOND, Va. - Menthol cigarettes are no riskier than regular cigarettes and shouldn’t be regulated differently, the tobacco cigarettes smokeindustry argues in a report to the Food and Drug Administration first obtained by The Associated Press.

China Dependent On Tobacco In More Ways Than One

As if on a pilgrimage trail, visitors to the city of Yuxi in southwest China pose for photographs beside eight cigarette-like pillars and tobacco-factory-in-Chinathen in front of a hilltop red pagoda, instantly recognizable to most Chinese from the cigarette packets of the Hongta — or Red Pagoda — group.

Research Report on China’s Cigarette Industry - 2010-2012

China is the world’s largest producer and consumer of tobacco products. The tobacco industry in China plays an important role in the national economy, and is an important source of jinshen chinaChina’s government fiscal revenue. China’s tobacco industry is a highly controversial industry. On the one hand, as a government monopoly, the tobacco industry brings enormous profits and taxes to the Chinese government and its state-owned tobacco producing and marketing enterprises. On the other hand, the support has grown for the requirements to restrict the tobacco industry due to the harm of smoking in China and the whole world.

Global Tobacco Industry: Cigarette Cost

I’ll tell you why I like the cigarette business. It cost a penny to make. Sell it for a dollar. It’s addictive. And there’s a fantastic brand loyalty. - Warren Buffett

The tobacco industry unmasked

In dealing with tobacco and its health, social, economic, and environmental harms, governments should be guided by the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. This is an evidence-based treaty that reaffirms the right of all people to the highest standard of health. It is a response to the globalization of the tobacco epidemic, which claims 5.4 million lives each year.

Tobacco industry under fire

Tobacco industry’s invasion into Africa has been described as ruthless and insidious in its pursuits of creating markets in developing countries. This emphasis was made in Maputo, Mozambique capital during a one day stakeholders’ forum hosted by Africa Tobacco Control Regional Initiative, ATCRI, and Framework Convention Alliance, FCA.

Tobacco industry is the world’s least reputable industry

An independent global survey has found that the tobacco industry is the world’s least reputable industry.
The industry’s bottom ranking is contained in the Global Reputation Pulse 2010, the annual report released by the Reputation Institute, a leading international research organisation specialising in corporate reputation management. The 2010 report is based on more than 80,000 consumer interviews in 32 countries that uses a standardised measurement system to ensure that results are comparable across industries and countries and over time.