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Edgar Cullman Sr., Purveyor of Cigars, Dies at 93

Edgar Cullman Sr., who cultivated Americans’ taste for cigars through General Cigar Co., maker of brands including Macanudo and Edgar CullmanWhite Owl, has died. He was 93.

Minding manners at Beirut’s cigar bars

BEIRUT: Don’t clench it between your teeth. Do take a puff no more than twice a minute. Don’t ask anyone else for a light. This Beirut-cigarshould be a personal affair. Thus wrote Zino Davidoff in his 1967 protocol for cigar connoisseurs.

Cuba’s famed cigar industry recovering from crisis

HAVANA - Production of Cuban cigars and tobacco leaf are on the rise after falling on hard times in the country famed for its “puros” cuba-cigarsdue to smoking bans and the international financial crisis, according to local reports.

Pipe tobacco taxed less, so smokers roll their own

Every day in a dozen or so Metro Detroit smoke shops from Westland to Waterford, tax-weary, recession-wracked smokers create roll cigarettestheir own cartons of cigarettes for half the $60 they’d pay for manufactured name brand smokes.

A Cuban cigar for women: Julieta says goodbye to Romeo

Cuba’s state-owned tobacco company is wooing women, with their very own version of the famous Havana cigar - in spite of the cigars factorywell-known health risks of cigar smoking. But is cigar-smoking destined to remain a man’s world?

The Woman smoking her way into Chinese society

Smoking cigars, once a pastime reserved for the elite and seen as a symbol of bourgeois decadence in China, is now enjoyed by chinese women smoking cigarthousands with numbers growing daily nationwide.

Fidel Castro’s Cuban Cigars in Detroit-area

PLYMOUTH, Mich. — A cigar lounge in suburban Detroit is decorated with paintings and photos of famous people with a stogie: John Cuban CigarsF. Kennedy, Winston Churchill, even the 1950s Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara.

Cigar Smoking Survives and Thrives

Imports of handmade cigars should return to pre-crisis levels in 2012 after falling by nearly half last year, Russia’s exclusive importer cigar smokersof Cuban cigars said Thursday.