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IDEAS & TRENDS; Understanding the Dream

The cycle continues for L&M cigarette advertising. It is our carefree bunch of 20 somethings enjoying life and now the idea to the full, including smoking. I almost feel that I know these characters now.

Are lawmakers smoking out tobacco brands?

Australia faces some imposing legal hurdles in its attempt to ban tobacco trademarks. However, as Matt Packer writes, this has not stopped other countries from thinking about extinguishing them.

Native Americans’ unfiltered business success at risk

From Salamanca to the St. Lawrence River, and from Long Island to Niagara Falls, if you want cigarettes at a fraction of the regular cigspackprice, you go to a Native American reservation.

KT&G rules slim cigarette market with best-selling Esse

What is the best-selling cigarette brand in the world? Most smokers would name one from multinational juggernauts Philip Morris, esse brandBritish-American Tobacco (BAT) or Japan Tobacco.

Test drives for the new Williamsburg Camels

R.J. Reynolds just started selling the “Williamsburg” version of its cigarette-store.biz/online/camel — and I don’t know whether to be offended as a smoker, a new Camel williamsburgWilliamsburger or a human being.

Will Pennsylvania tobacco stores benefit from N.Y. cigarette tax?

cigarettes store

Tobacco Companies Defend Use of Menthol in Cigarettes

WASHINGTON—Officials from the top makers of menthol cigarettes defended their products Wednesday before a Food and Drug Administration panel that is trying to determine whether the cigarettes’ minty additive lures people into smoking and makes it harder for them to quit.

Having to Comply with Law, Tobacconists Get Use of Colors

According to several public health organizations, the claims of cigarette companies regarding their willingness to obey the new regulations in marketing low-tar cigarettes are controversial, as they would literary complain but still, conceal the truth.

Camel menthol cigarettes with additional flavor capsule launch March 1

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Customers may already have noticed the change—although it has been subtle thus far. But they will starting March 1. That’s the official launch date of the latest line extension from R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.’s Camel brand: menthol cigarettes containing a menthol burst capsule that enhances menthol flavor when squeezed.