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E-cigarettes safer than cigarettes, researcher claims

In a new report that bucks the concerns raised by the Food and Drug Administration, a Boston University School of Public e-cigarettesHealth (BUSPH) (sph.bu.edu) researcher concludes that electronic cigarettes are much safer than real cigarettes and show promise in the fight against tobacco-related diseases and death.

E-cigarettes are potentially harmful

What are e-cigarettes?

Electronic Cigarettes May Torch Sales

Electronic cigarettes are pitting regulators against some anti-smoking forces over whether to allow sales now and accelerate smoking-cessation efforts or suspend sales until their true safety and effectiveness can be proven.

FDA sends warning letters to e-cigarette companies

RICHMOND, Va. — The Food and Drug Administration is lighting a fire under the electronic cigarette industry to work with the agency to legally market the devices and is cautioning other companies that their sales and manufacturing practices violate federal law.

Prevent Marketing and Sales of Electronic Cigarette to Minors

OAKLAND - Attorney General Edmund G. Brown Jr. today announced a settlement with Sottera, one of the country’s largest electronic cigarette producers, to prevent the company from targeting minors and claiming that electronic cigarettes are a safe alternative to smoking.

Smoking electrinic cigarettes

In a society where public smoking is largely frowned upon and where it is easier to find a parking spot at Cal State Fullerton than to find a smoking zone on campus, there are other options for those yearning for their daily dose of nicotine.

New York Moves Towards Total E-Cigarette Ban

The New York State Assembly has voted overwhelmingly 125-0 to ban e-cigarettes [e-cigs]; a product which has already been banned in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Mexico, and New Zealand, restricted in Finland, Malaysia, and Singapore, pending restriction in the UK as a drug, and the subject of law suits by attorneys general in several states, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, Executive Director of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH).

Research highlights the potential of e-cigarettes

A study conducted at The University of Auckland’s Clinical Trials Research Unit has provided the first evidence that nicotine delivered via ‘e-cigarette’ can help reduce the desire to smoke.

E-Cigarette: Help or Hinder for Smoking Cessation?

It relies on electricity, batteries and liquid nicotine instead of matches, fire and tobacco and is starting to creep up in various areas electronic cigarettesas an alternative to regular cigarettes but is it really healthier than regular cigarettes? While the industry that makes them touts their healthier qualities the e-cigarette may not be all that it’s made out to be. The federal government is troubled by tests showing that soelectroSmokeBNPS_468x348me contain cancer-causing chemicals as a result the FDA wants to regulate e-cigarettes as a drug-delivery device, similar to how nicotine gum, lozenges and patches are handled now. Because the devices are sold in flavors such as apple and vanilla the same concerns about children being targeted (as with flavored cigarettes) is also raised.