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Firing Up Tobacco Sales—Without the Smoke

As cigarette smoking continues to decline in the U.S., Reynolds American Inc. Chief Executive Daniel Delen wants Americans to consider new ways to consume tobacco.

Philip Morris Fights Australian Packaging Rules

Tobacco giant Philip Morris launched legal action on Monday against the Australian government over the country’s plans to strip Cigarette Labelscompany logos from cigarette packages and replace them with grisly images of cancerous mouths, sickly children and bulging, blinded eyes.

Seneca: Cigarette tax bill is a throwback to ‘termination era’

IRVING, N.Y. – A bill passed by the New York State legislature to force Indian businesses to collect state taxes on cigarettes sold on reservations violates treaty rights and won’t work, Indian leaders said.

Fired up about beach smoking ban

An effort to ban smoking on beaches and in parks throughout New Jersey may be a step too far even for some who advocate limits on the right to light up in public.

Smoking ban fight heats up

PIERRE - The complicated legal battle intensified Tuesday over whether there will be a referendum on the 2010 election ballot on South Dakota’s new ban against smoking in bars, casinos and restaurants that serve alcohol.

U.S. Rep. Phil Roe Joins Fight Against Canadian Tobacco Bill

Tobacco Control and Thought Control

The great judge Learned Hand once said, “The spirit of liberty is the spirit which is not too sure that it is right.” If so, the tobacco regulation bill recently passed by Congress indicates that the spirit of liberty is even scarcer than usual in the halls of government.

Tobacco Fight Still Smoking

Pennsylvania and Maryland are going to North Carolina’s high court to get tobacco trust payments denied to the states’ tobacco growers. The states filed an appellate brief in the Supreme Court of North Carolina seeking to hold the nation’s largest tobacco companies accountable to the 1999 National Tobacco Growers Trust Agreement.

Burr, Hagan join to fight tobacco bill

WASHINGTON U.S. senators began debate Tuesday on legislation that would allow the Food and Drug Administration to regulate cigarettes, an idea that has the strong backing of public health advocates across the country.