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Health groups weigh in on graphic cigarette label suit

RICHMOND, Va. — Several public health groups are weighing in on a lawsuit over graphic cigarette warning labels that include the

FDA unveiled new graphic images

The Food and Drug Administration unveiled new mandatory health warnings for cigarette packages on Tuesday; the warnings are the cigarettes grafic imageboldest seen thus far in the U.S., designed to scare the pants off kids who are even thinking about smoking and help adults make the decision to quit.

U.S. to unveil graphic tobacco warning labels

Health officials on Tuesday will unveil nine graphic warning labels showing harmful effects of smoking that must be on cigarette packages and in advertisements starting in October 2012.

FDA announces new graphic cigarette labels

n recent years, federal and state governments have attempted to crack down on public smoking. The FDA recently approved the graphic cigarettes warningaddition of new graphic labels on packs of cigarettes in order to make smokers more aware of the health risks associated with tobacco use.

Cigarette Retailers Sue to Block Rule Requiring Antismoking Posters

The nation’s three big tobacco companies, and trade associations representing hundreds of New York City bodegas and convenience smoking imagestores, are challenging the city’s latest salvo in the antismoking wars: graphic images of diseased brains, lungs and teeth that are posted where cigarettes are sold.

Massachusetts to force stores to post graphic signs vs. smoking

Massachusetts is poised to become the first state in the nation to force retailers to prominently display graphic warnings about thegraphic signs vs. smoking perils of smoking right where cigarettes are sold — at tobacco sales racks and next to cash registers.

Graphic images of diseased body parts

Would a gruesome picture of a cancer-ravaged mouth with rotting teeth make you think twice about buying a pack of cigarettes?