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Smoking hookah OK in bars and clubs in Utah

Utahns can continue to smoke tobacco from water pipes after all.hookah

Utah gives hookah the hook

Starting in mid-September, Utah bars and clubs cannot allow patrons to smoke most hookah products indoors.

Hookah use on the rise in California

Cigarette smoking in California has fallen sharply in recent years, but new research finds that hookah use is on the rise, especially shisha smokingamong young adults.

Oregon Senate approves bill that curbs the growth of hookah

SALEM –After a heated and emotional debate, the Oregon Senate today passed a bill that limits the growth of hookah lounges in hookahOregon but delays implementation of the law, opening the door for more lounges in the coming weeks.

Safety of slim cigarettes and hookah: Just smoke and mirrors

The results of two recent surveys conclude the same thing: people have many misconceptions about the risks associated with hookah smokingsmoking.

Researchers fret over popularity of hookah smoking

Young Americans are smoking fewer cigarettes, but researchers say that progress is threatened by an increasingly popular cultural hookah smokingimport - the tall, ornate water pipe known as the hookah.

Hookah Becoming Popular With US Youth

The hookah, generally associated with feudal India, is becoming evermore popular in the West. The water-pipe bars are becoming a regular haunt of the youth in north America, Canadian research suggests.