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ASA rules ads Japan Tobacco “misleading”

<p>Management of Advertising Standards (ASA) ruled that the ads run by Gallaher Tobacco Japan last year were “misleading”, in a fierce battle between the tobacco companies and anti-smoking campaigns simpler packaging.</p>

Japan Tobacco received the first FDA approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval on Monday of a new AIDS medicine is a first for the company Japan Tobacco Inc.2914. To +0.40%, who spent a quarter-century of research products with no product of his laboratory permit large U.S. market.

Japan Tobacco

The following companies may have unusual price changes in Japanese trading today. Stock symbols are in parentheses, and share prices are as of the latest close. The information in each item was released after markets shut unless stated otherwise.

Japan Tobacco Privatization a Threat

Far from the economic rationale in favor of full privatization of Japan Tobacco Inc., the world’s third-biggest cigarette maker, one group fears for its future: the country’s tobacco farmers.

Japan Tobacco can rise Cigarette Prices 75%

Japan Tobacco Inc. (2914), the world’s third-biggest publicly traded cigarette maker, climbed to the highest in almost three years on japan women smokingspeculation it can lift prices more than the tax increases proposed by the health minister.

Japan Tobacco: Nicotine, Yes; Radioactivity, No

Japan’s smokers can breathe easy, more or less: whatever else is in their cigarettes, there’s no radiation, according to Japan japan cigarettesTobacco Inc.

Japan Tobacco Urges Serbia to Align Excise Taxes With EU

Serbia and other nations in the Western Balkans should increase excise duties on cigarettes and other tobacco goods to bring them closer to European Union levels, said Cristian Cring, Adriatic representative for Japan Tobacco Inc. (2914)

A Case for Reform at Japan Tobacco

The Children’s Investment Fund was humiliated when it brandished the sword of shareholder activism at Japan’s corporate shogunates in 2008. Now the London hedge fund is back with what appears to be an even more foolhardy campaign — to prod the Japanese finance minister to shake up Japan Tobacco. But this time around the embattled government may have enough to gain to push for corporate reform.

Japan Tobacco Staggers Back Following Quake

SENDAI, Japan—As shops slowly reopen along Japan’s tsunami-hit northeastern coast, many residents still aren’t finding one of the Japan markproducts they crave most: cigarettes.