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Smoking Marijuana Not Linked to Obesity

Anybody who’s smoked marijuana knows about “the munchies,” that desire to eat everything within reach. But a study from France marijuanahas found that, surprisingly, pot smokers are actually less likely than non-smokers to pack on weight.

Upward trend in marijuana use, smokeless tobacco

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Alcohol use by Indiana sixth- through 12th-graders has declined, but findings from the 21st Annual Survey of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Use also revealed a continuing increase in marijuana and smokeless tobacco use.

Psychosis Triggered by Smoking Pot? Marijuana Study Says Yes

smoking marijuana

Teens Choosing Marijuana Over Cigarettes

After nearly a decade in decline, marijuana is making a strong comeback among teens, with more high school seniors reporting that they had recently smoked pot than cigarettes, according to a government survey issued Tuesday.

Californians Rejecting Legalization of Marijuana

Californians appear to have rejected an attempt to legalize the use of marijuana.marijuana

Legalization, Medical Marijuana, and Alcohol Taxes Go Before State Voters Nov. 2

A marijuana-legalization question on the California ballot has better than a puncher’s chance of passage on Nov. 2, and voters will Marijuanago to the polls in Arizona and South Dakota to decide whether to allow medical use of the drug. The alcohol industry, meanwhile, is trying to strangle new impact and mitigation fees in California and roll back an alcohol tax passed in Massachusetts just last year.

Rules vague on using medical marijuana in public

Years ago, as Tom Daubert envisioned a medical marijuana initiative for Montana, one thing never crossed his mind.

Get Your Government Hands Off My Marijuana

Few phrasings have encapsulated the need for marijuana legalization better than this: “You can hold people accountable for their actions and not put the blame on what’s in their body.”

Herbal incense blend becoming an alternative to marijuana as a “legal” high

Florida - Avid tobacco smokers like a change every now and then. Some turn to hookah cafes — that’s tobacco soaked in molasses Marijuanafiltered through water.