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Ultra-Low Carcinogen Moist Snuff Tobacco Product

GLEN ALLEN, Va., - Star Scientific, Inc. reports that it has successfully developed a moist snuff tobacco product that has extremely low levels of carcinogens — much lower than any snuff products currently in the marketplace. This new product has levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs) — recognized by scientists worldwide as one of the most powerful cancer-causing agents in tobacco leaf and smoke — below 20 parts per billion (nanograms-per-gram moist weight, as used) in initial testing. This is 99% lower than the levels found in conventional American moist snuffs such as Copenhagen or Skoal, and 90% less than the level found in current “snus” products. Moist snuff products account for the largest portion of the smokeless tobacco market (73%) and this has been the fastest growing segment of the tobacco marketplace in the United States in recent years. First-quarter 2010 sales alone increased at a rate of 7%.

Will New Smokeless Tobacco Products Cut or Boost the Smoking Rate?

With cigarette sales falling, the smoking industry is going smokeless. Companies like R.J. Reynolds and Philip Morris are introducing new smokeless tobacco products that are nothing like your granddaddy’s messy chew or dip.

Michigan smokers fired up about new fire safe cigarettes

Michigan smokers are firing up new cigarettes after a new law requiring fire-safe cigarettes went into effect Jan. 1. safe cigarettes

New smokeless tobacco products in test markets

In a Louisville, Ky., Holiday Inn, Brown and Williamson researchers brainstormed novel ways to sell tobacco.

Big tobacco targets youth with new products

The big tobacco companies are introducing new products to entice young people to begin using tobacco. Andrea Deming is a Phoenix Alliance coordinator and she came to Emery County to speak to the Governing Youth Council group comprised of students from Emery High, San Rafael Junior High and Canyon View Junior High. The students gave up a Saturday morning to become acquainted with the new tobacco products and to make a plan to halt their use among the teens in Emery County.