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Roll-your-own cigarette machines draw scrutiny

Lawrence Davis has purchased his last pack of Camel cigarettes.roll your own

Only doctors may prescribe cigarettes to addicts

Iceland is considering banning the sale of cigarettes and making them a prescription-only product.

New study try to clear the air around e-cigarettes

Two studies published online Tuesday by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine tell consumers more — a little bit more, anyway — about e-cigaretteselectronic cigarettes and their potential to help smokers cut back or quit the habit.

Roll-Your-Own Cigarette Machines Help Evade Steep Tax

WOOD DALE, Ill.—Scores of tobacco retailers in the U.S. are taking advantage of a federal tax loophole to offer deep discounts on roll-your-own cigarettes. But the practice is attracting scrutiny from regulators and cigarette manufacturers.

As state smoking ban nears, company touts e-cigarettes

JOHNSON CREEK — What appears to be smoke dissipates quickly, and there is no lingering smell.

A new strategy for treating tobacco addiction

The tobacco addiction epidemic is a major public health problem worldwide. Professor Zhao Baolu and his group from the State Key

New York’s anti-smoking fund cut, smoking rises

ALBANY, N.Y. - In the last three years, New York’s once heralded anti-smoking program has been cut three times by a total of 30 percent and as its TV spots, quitters’ help line and free nicotine patch programs were scaled back, 105,000 adults started smoking who otherwise might not have.

Smoking is a matter of choice

The pros and cons on “smoking is haram” is still being discussed in our country. The issue is not new. It is only a small part of the anti-smoking wave of the “first” world, which has been promoted for more than 50 years: protection of nonsmokers, health promotion, assistance for those who want to quit smoking, increasing of cigarette tax, regulations on cigarette advertising, research in many sectors of cigarettes, for example.

Women, Men and Smoking

Over the past few decades, the smoking behaviour of men and women has become more and more similar. Until the 1960’s smoking was the province of men, with a smaller number of women choosing to smoke. But two opposing forces have changed the gender balance of smoking aggressive promotion of cigarettes to women and large numbers of men responding to quit smoking campaigns.