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Health Officials Angry Tobacco Taxes not spent On Public Heath Campaigns

Last year 15 states, including the District of Columbia increase state duties on cigarettes raising the average tax across the states from $1.18 per package of 20 cigarettes in 2008 to $1.34 per pack.

Camel Orbs a Lure to Young Users

A research study and editorial to be published Monday in the medical journal Pediatrics takes direct aim at a novel tobacco product Camel Orbsthat some critics say too closely resembles Tic Tac breath mints.

E-Cigarettes Cause Acute Health Risks

E-cigarettes pose “acute health risks” which “cannot seriously be questioned” because they contain “toxic chemicals,” and the devices also “presents a serious risk of addicting new users, including children,” the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has just reported to a court about to decide whether sellers may continue to import the new products into the U.S.

Tobacco: bad for you, good for the planet?

It may be bad for your health, but it appears that tobacco might yet prove good for the environment.

China’s tobacco industry

Mengcheng doesn’t have the ring to it that Havana or Montechristo have. But for what this modest city in Anhui Province cigareteslacks in Caribbean romance it has in ambition, aiming to make its mark on the world with high-quality cigars. In true China style, rows of serious-looking female workers in grey overalls, hair in disposable white caps, roll brown tobacco leaf into fat fingers which are then shipped to another assembly line to be clipped, smoothed and stamped and boxed as Wangguan (“crown”) cigars, which are then sent across China and the US to be sold.

Are e-cigarettes the healthier alternative to smoking?

The other day an ad for the SmartSmoker electronic cigarette landed in my inbox. Its text, which surrounded an image of a facts about e-cigarettesglamorous woman savoring a smoke, called the e-cigarette “a smart New Year’s resolution” and declared the product “the healthier alternative to smoking.”

Cigarette Trade Changing In Central America

The combination of rising income, more influence of free trade policies, multinational business connections, and smokers seeking higher quality brands contributed to greater cigarette imports by countries in Central America in 2008. Estimated cigarette imports for countries in Central America in 2008 rose to about 11 bn pieces. That is an estimate for total imports tabulated by adding data for each of the seven countries. The net regional imports would be about half of that because of large shipments to other countries in Central America by Honduras and Guatemala. BAT and subsidiaries account for most of the cigarette output in Central America.

A Silver Lining Clings to Tobacco

The Marlboro Man may not look so tough anymore, but investors shouldn’t write him off. Altria, which makes Marlboros, announced on Wednesday that it had shipped sharply fewer cigarettes in the third quarter than a year earlier. The looming health care reform, meanwhile, could further burden smokers and manufacturers.

E-cigarettes offer nicotine without tobacco, but are they safe?

No more smoking for Scott Riddle.e-cigarette