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Boston proposes new restrictions on e-cigarettes, other tobacco products

The Boston Public Health Commission this afternoon unanimously approved proposed rules that would crack down on the sale of electronic cigarettes, popularly known as e-cigarettes, regulating them like actual cigarettes.

The FDA’s Cigarette Pack Anti-Smoking Billboards

The new FDA regulations for cigarette packaging raises additional First Amendment issues to the extent that it is a case of compelledFDA cigarettes packs speech, as opposed to being one of prohibited speech. The case precedents in this area go back to the 1940s in purely political contexts as opposed to commercial speech.

Budget ideas get creative

If Washington’s budget problems get too terrible to solve, can’t the state borrow money? Or could it issue bonds against future Lottery earnings taxor future tobacco-lawsuit payments to the state?

Spain anti-smoking law

Spaniards will wake up on Sunday to find that what many consider an inalienable right — puffing on a cigarette with a drink at their smoking ban in Spainlocal bar — has overnight become illegal.

Smokers need not apply: Is hiring ban trend of the future?

smoking on the work
For about two decades, smokers have been pushed steadily out of the workplace, as lawmakers and employers have sought to minimize exposure to second-hand smoke.

E-Cigarettes Spark New Smoking War

ELMHURST, Ill.—Victoria Vasconcellos, the petite founder of an Internet retailer in this Chicago suburb, is in the thick of a regulatory battle that could affect millions of American cigarette smokers.

E-cigarettes: One battle lost; war continues

A Broward e-cigarette distributor gave up a legal fight with Oregon over the sale of its products there, as the industry waits to see if it will sell its products as a drug device or tobacco product.

Smoking ban booted by council members

City Council’s meeting was cut short Monday - and a controversial smoking ban abruptly dismissed — after advocates withdrew their support following a series of amendments they said watered down the proposal.

Kagan had role in Clinton White House’s big fights

WASHINGTON - For four years as a White House lawyer and aide, Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan had a hand in many of the Elena Kaganmajor issues that drove and vexed the Clinton administration.