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A New Hampshire Giveaway to Big Tobacco

When the New Hampshire Legislature cut the state’s cigarette tax by 10 cents a pack, effective July 1, it was touted as a way to boost the state’s economy by reducing cigarette prices and attracting smokers from neighboring states.

Can lasers help you stop smoking?

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) — Could one hour be all you need to quit smoking, without cravings or side effects?

Passiv Smoking and Children

Smoke-free legislation in the UK has been a success. Making enclosed public places smoke-free has proved highly popular, achieved widespread compliance, improved indoor air quality, and reduced passive smoke exposure. Most businesses, including those in the hospitality trade, have adapted successfully to the legislation. The health benefits, particularly in terms of reductions in acute cardiovascular disease, have proved substantial. With a few exceptions, of which the tobacco industry is one, smoke-free legislation has been good for just about everyone.

Administration announces campus tobacco ban in 2010

Chancellor Mark Wrighton announced on Monday through the Office of Public Affairs that all campuses of Washington University will be tobacco-free by July 2010, including all University-owned and managed properties.