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Effects of Passive Smoking on the Young

More than 22,000 children seek medical help for asthma and wheezing as a result of passive smoking every year, according to the young smokersfirst UK assessment of the impact of second-hand smoke. The 200-page report on the health impacts of passive smoking on children, and the costs to the NHS, concludes that it is responsible for thousands of avoidable hospital and GP visits, as well as for one in five sudden infant deaths.

General Electric to go tobacco-free in 2011

A year ago, General Electric Co. promised financial incentives to U.S. employees who kicked the smoking habit.GE do smoke free

American Lung Association Report: Most States Flunk for Neglecting to Prevent Tobacco-Caused Disease

WASHINGTON, D.C., —The American Lung Association today released its State of Tobacco Control 2009 report, which grades the strength of federal and state laws to protect citizens from tobacco-caused illnesses. These illnesses are now at the heart of America’s chronic disease crisis.

D.C. moves to curb sidewalk smoking, youths’ access to tobacco

The D.C. Council voted unanimously Tuesday to enact far-reaching proposals to curtail smoking by giving store owners a tool to young smokingprevent smoking on public sidewalks and by assessing new penalties on anyone younger than 18 who possesses tobacco products.

States Slash Funding for Tobacco Prevention Programs

States cut funding for tobacco prevention programs by more than tobacco prevention15 percent in the past year, even though they’re receiving record amounts of money from tobacco taxes and from the 1998 state tobacco settlement, says a report released Wednesday.

Swine flu germs and smoke an e-cigarette to ward off H1N1

TORONTO — Pop a vitamin, ban doctors’ neckties, vacuum away swine flu germs and smoke an e-cigarette to ward off H1N1.

Quitting Smoking is Good but Switching to Low-risk Nicotine Products is Usually Better

Ferndale, WA - Switching to low-risk nicotine products, like smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and pharmaceutical nicotine, offers smokers a chance to almost completely eliminate their health risks. While these alternative products still pose some very small health risk, a new study at the University of Alberta School of Public Health in Canada shows that in most cases switching is better for reducing lifetime risk than trying to quit. The study by Prof. Carl V. Phillips, just published in Harm Reduction Journal, shows that for most smokers, immediately switching to a low-risk alternative will lower their risk of dying from their habit more than quitting eventually, even if they use the smoke-free product for the rest of their lives.

Key E-Cigarettes Judicial Ruling Expected Shortly

A key judicial ruling in a law suit involving e-cigarettes, and being watched very anxiously by both sellers and users, is expected shortly, says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who has filed several legal briefs in the legal proceeding. However, even if the judge were to rule in favor of the e-cigarette sellers, it would not affect a class action law suit now pending against one manufacturer, and others which are likely to be filed shortly, predicts Banzhaf.

State cuts imperil no-smoking efforts

Faced with a 50 percent cut in state funding, Tobacco Free Allegheny plans to dismantle nine of its 12 contracted programs after Wednesday.