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Smokeless-tobacco ban for MLB teams

Televisions on Thursday will broadcast the usual iconic images of baseball’s opening day: fans cheering from the stands, umpires Major League Baseballmaking close calls at the plate, and players in the thick of the game, spitting tobacco juice.

Michigan prepares to go smokeless

With less than a month before Michigan’s smoking ban goes into effect, the state isn’t sure who should enforce the law, and counties are warning it shouldn’t be them.

Altria Group and Swedish Match’s clash over excise tax

It’s one of the most old-fashioned taxes of all, but the question of what you measure to levy it is emerging as the latest skirmish in Smokeless Tobaccothe never-ending battle for space on stores’ tobacco shelves.

Tobacco Bill Could Snuff Out Smokeless Strategy

For anyone considering putting a menthol cigarette in their mouth during a long conference call, Reynolds now offers the perfect product. Snus, which means snuff in Swedish, is a flavored mini-teabag of pasteurized tobacco, sold chilled in tins.