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California’s adult smoking rate at a record low

California’s numbers are down, but this time it’s a good thing. The state’s adult smoking rate is at a record low, with just 11.9 percent of adults lighting up.

More Smokers in Ohio

Despite rising taxes and continuing health warnings, Ohio’s adult smoking rate saw its biggest increase in more than a decade in 2010.

Nicotine is less addictive for smokers who have a particular genetic quirk

What makes nicotine so addictive? The answer to that question could help researchers develop a drug that would help smokers give smokersup cigarettes for good.

China Has Serious Smoking Problems

One state agency is trying to make people stop smoking while another wants to draw then to smoke. china smokers

Hospitals Shift Smoking Bans to Smoker Ban

Smokers now face another risk from their habit: it could cost them a shot at a job.
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More hospitals and medical businesses in many states are adopting strict policies that make smoking a reason to turn away job applicants, saying they want to increase worker productivity, reduce health care costs and encourage healthier living.

Small-bar owners fuming over losses under smoking ban

Some Michigan bar and restaurant owners say they’ve been so burned by Michigan’s smoking ban they’ll let patrons light up on New bar in DetroitYear’s Eve in protest.

New York State tax increase turn smokers to Indian reservations and neighboring states

Sales of cigarettes in legal points of sale have dropped a dramatic 27 percent across the state after the largest cigarette tax in the New York smokersU.S. was implemented this July, a Post analysis shown.
Law-abiding retailers have sold approximately of 30 million packs of cigarettes per month from July to December — nearly 11 million fewer compared to the period before Gov. Paterson and the Legislature increased the state excise tax on cigarettes up to $4.35 per pack in a desperate attempt to collect extra revenue for the cash-starved budget.

Smoking among some adults dropped dramatically in past three decades

CHICAGO, Nov. 14, 2010 — The proportion of adult smokers dramatically decreased during the past three decades in at least one metropolitan area — with more quitting and fewer picking up the habit, according to research presented at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions 2010.

Should workers be forced to clock out to smoke?

Smokers working at a district council must clock out when they nip outside for a fag. So is it fair that employees who smoke do it inSmokers working their own time?