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CSUF first CSU to implement the smoking ban

Cal State Fullerton will be the first University of California to ban smoking on campus, after the new policy will come into force on 1 August 2013. CSUF will initiate the charge before the entire campus of the University of California to make a push for mandatory smoking ban since 2014.

Campus smoking ban sparks debate

Efforts by the university in line with the new anti-smoking requirements from their suppliers of funds caused a controversy, which areas of UT such a policy can affect.

New smoking ban

The ban on smoking in Alexandria bars began the first day of New Year, and anti-smoking crusaders have touted the health benefits, as a sufficient reason for Lafayette to become the second largest city in Louisiana to ban smoking in drinking establishments.

Navajo lawmakers take up smoking ban measure

Navajo lawmakers are revisiting a smoking ban on the reservation with a bill that would exempt tribal casinos at least until their financing debts are paid off.

Louisiana Senate committee agrees to ban smoking in bars

BATON ROUGE — Louisiana’s indoor smoking ban would be expanded to include bars, but not casinos, under legislation that squeaked smoking in barout of a Senate committee on Wednesday.

Navajo president cannot ban smoking in public place

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — Navajo President Ben Shelly cannot enforce an executive order to ban smoking in public places on the reservation, his spokeswoman said Thursday, easing concerns that an immediate prohibition would jeopardize a $150 million casino in Arizona.

Rolling back state smoking ban would be a first in U.S.

Springfield, Ill. — The Illinois House’s vote last week to exempt casinos from the 2008 Smoke Free Illinois Act could lead to a first in Smoking banthe nation’s history - the first time a state has weakened a statewide smoking ban.

To Ban or Not To Ban: The Liberal Dilemma on Smoking

New York - I’m a non-smoker. I believe that cigarettes have a destructive impact and that the tobacco industry perpetrated a willful, harmful fraud against the American public. I’m a liberal. I subscribe to the public health concerns around smoking and am concerned about the overall societal costs for caring for those damaged by the habit. I fully believe these concerns demand us to take action.

Smoking Ban Arrives Jan. 1 for Navy’s Submarine Sailors

The USS Michigan got a jump on a dozen other Kitsap-based submarines, and its sailors are breathing easier because of it.Smoking Ban for Navy's Submarine Sailorsy