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Airport, and region, going smoke-free at last

In a single stroke this week, Mayor Francis Slay undid the work of generations of tobacco industry lobbyists and executives. He smoke in airoportannounced that Lambert-St. Louis International Airport will go smoke-free.

Reflections on Illinois’ public smoking ban

It has been nearly three years since Illinois banned smoking in most public places.

Apartment developers ban smoking at home

No Smoking signs are popping up at some apartment complexes and condos, barring people from lighting up even in their own homes.smoking

Smoke Less New Yorkers. No, More. Do It Here. No, There.

Dear New Yorkers: Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em. And then go get more of ’em. Sincerely, Albany.

Michigan’s workplace smoking ban takes effect on May 1

The mystery when Michigan’s workplace smoking ban takes effect at 6 a.m. Saturday is what will happen.inside smoking
Will bars and restaurants have their required “No Smoking” signs posted and ashtrays removed? Will smokers be defiant or even confrontational? Will local health departments be deluged with complaints?

Smoking Restrictions And Bans In Connecticut

For many years, the state’s Elks and Moose and ethnic, military and loyal orders of every brand have been free to drink, smoke and exchange secret handshakes in private clubs.

Duty free tobacco ban talks stall during WHO meeting

SWITZERLAND. Planned talks over the proposed World Health Organization (WHO) ban on duty free tobacco sales failed to materialise during the WHO treaty negotiations in Geneva on INB4 – the Protocol that aims to stamp out the illicit trade in tobacco – which concluded yesterday.

Is total ban on smoking in works?

Could a total smoking ban in all public facilities, such as schools, hospitals, restaurants and hotels, which is set to be urged for all local governments by the Health, Labor and Welfare Ministry, spread across the country and help prevent health hazards caused by secondhand smoke?

Cover Story: Bars among target of smoking-ban effort

At Wally’s bar and liquor store in Orlando, the Happy Hour specials flowed and cigarette smoke wafted while Hank Williams played on smoking in barthe jukebox.