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Missouri measure targets small tobacco firms

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A proposed Missouri ballot measure poses the question: Should a $1 per pack tax be imposed on cigarettes made “by certain tobacco product manufacturers?”

Tobacco shops say new taxes kill their business

SAGINAW TWP. — As Michigan smokers look for alternatives to high cigarette prices, shops cashing in on the roll-your-own-cigarettetobacco shop trend face new headwinds from the state.

Was the U.S. government supplying guns to Mexico’s drug cartels?

SAN DIEGO — Mission un-accomplished. I thought the goal of federal law enforcement officials was to keep guns out of Mexico and away from drug traffickers, not help them get in.

Rochester airport fires up cigars to stoke business

David Damelio, director of the Greater Rochester International Airport, enjoys a good cigar — and has charged thousands of dollars worth of them to the county-run airport in the name of business development.

Reduction of Tobacco Use Could Devastate Business in Africa

African peuple

Fast sell for tax-free cigarettes

CATTARAUGUS INDIAN RESERVATION - Smokers have been coming here in droves in recent days as they prepare for the possibility of the end of untaxed cigarettes.

The business of electronic cigarettes

Informa’s Regulatory Affairs Journal (RAJ) has published a feature on the regulatory conundrum surrounding electronic cigarettes.

Smokin’ new business

What is the outcome of combining molasses and fruit flavors in a bowl? It isn’t a dessert in the case of a new downtown Grand Forks business.