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Debating Influence of Movies on Kids’ Smoking

Smoking debate comes to city Louisiana

When Kailen Fenerty, 23, took a job as a manager at the Jefferson Street’s Green Room, she didn’t think twice about working in a teensmokingsmoke-filled atmosphere.

Banning Menthol Cigarettes Up For Debate

Last month, the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC) released a report to the FDA indicating that the continued menthol cigarettessale of menthol cigarettes has an inverse impact on public health.

Government and big tobacco in dispute over proposed advertisements

The government and big tobacco companies are in dispute over proposed advertisements.tobacco

E-cigarettes – To Smoke Or Not To Smoke?

Electronic cigarettes, or smokeless cigarettes that promise to recreate a smoking experience for those who are huffing and puffing for that ‘drag’ e-cigaretteshave been in the news for quite a while trying to establish their credibility. The latest is a US Court of Appeals ruling that FDA cannot ban e-cigarettes.

Proposal would allow food service in restaurant bars that allow smoking

Although voters delivered a clear message with passage of the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act in 2006 that they didn’t want smoking in restaurants, state health officials this morning will consider a regulation that anti-smoking advocates say would violate the law.

Smoking debate takes a back seat to elections

More than a year after the governments of Jessamine County began discussing a ban on smoking in public places, cigarettes are still lit in some restaurants and businesses — and the issue will likely not be discussed again until after November, when many of those who would impose such a ban are up for re-election.

House debate begins on tobacco and other taxes

House members have begun committee debate over tax and budget bills that would raise more than $940 million in new taxes.

Smoking debate has become nicotine-delivery debate

Federal regulators are cracking down on a cigarette substitute that uses technology similar to devices that Philip Morris USA researchers have focused on in recent years.