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Multi-pronged plan to tackle tobacco menace in offing

PUNE: The state government is set take on tobacco menace, a major preventable cause of death and disease among adults worldwide, with a multi-pronged political and administrative strategy. The move comes against the backdrop that civic organisations and women groups in the state have joined hands to bring tobacco addiction to the political agenda ahead of the elections for the 27 zilla parishads and 10 municipal corporations scheduled for the next eight months.

Hookah Tobacco Facts and Myths

Hookahs have slowly advanced their way into lifestyle of Europe and America. The cigar bars of yesteryears are now getting replaced with these hookah smoking factsHookah bars. Hookah cafes bring back all those days where the friends can gather at one place.

Cambodia’s slow progress in combatting tobacco

Phnom Penh - A decade ago a packet of cigarette-store.biz/online/marlboro cost just a dollar a pack in Cambodia, manna from heaven for a smoker who had lived in London where it was six times that price.

Tobacco Adapts to New Realities

Nearly a year after Congress passed and the president signed a historic increase in the federal excise tax (FET) on tobacco to fund an expansion of children’s health care benefits, convenience store retailers joined to discuss the tax’s implications on tobacco, as well as other factors influencing the category, at Convenience Store News’ annual Tobacco Best Practices Roundtable, held before the start of the Tobacco Plus Expo in early March.

Smoke and mirrors in Georgia

Georgia is facing a budget gap estimated at close to $1 billion, which means smokers can likely count on paying more tax on their cigarettes.

Tobacco’s appearance in advertising, films and TV shows may seduce a new generation

WHAT first attracted me to the multi-millionaire, Franco-Swiss financier and philanthropist Arpad Busson? It wasn’t his acute actor smokefinancial acumen, the fantasy of a life with a raffish demi-aristocrat on the Cote d’Azur, nor even the size of his hedge fund, but something more rebellious – it was the lit fuse that dangled so insouciantly between his thin lips.

Snus Campaign upscale U.S. markets

RICHMOND, Va. — General Snus, the original Scandinavian snus introduced more than two centuries ago in Sweden, is now commanding a promotional army in the United States. Swedish Match has launched a multi-million-dollar campaign aimed at introducing the refrigerated pouches to upscale audiences in key U.S. markets and at high-end events, including the Sundance Film Festival and New York’s Fashion Week.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Ends Tobacco Sponsorship

LAS VEGAS, Nev., — As thousands gather in Las Vegas this week for the largest U.S. rodeo event of the year, activists are praisingProfessional Rodeo Cowboys Associationthe Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) for ending its national sponsorship contract with the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company (USSTC) after 2009.