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China’s smoking habit drive chronic diseases up

During a recent weekday lunch, middle-aged Wu Zhixin had a plate of shredded pork noodles glistening with oil and washed it down with a paper cup of vodka-like alcohol. Then she lit a cigarette.

Workers at Rest: Smoking and Playing Cards

“Cézanne’s Card Players,” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, sounds like a show for our high-stakes moment. But the real appeal of this Smoking and Playing Cards - CEZANNEmini-blockbuster is its modest vision of a rural pastime, rendered with infinite patience. The big players who dominate the art world today would have a hard time identifying with Cézanne’s peasants and laborers: men quietly passing the time, happy enough with the hand that life has dealt them.

Smoking grows in China despite govt efforts

Puffing officials no role model for youthchina smokers
By Lin Yang

China joined the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2003, ratified the convention in 2006, and has vowed several times to take serious action. In Beijing, the earliest smoking restrictions were passed as early as 1995, prohibiting lighting-up in large public venues like schools and stadiums.

FDA regulations make harder to Quit Smoking

It’s time to think about New Year’s resolutions. Quitting smoking, appropriately, is at the top of many lists.FDA

China plans health reforms to change smoking culture

Beijing, - In 1638, the last emperor of the Ming Dynasty, Chongzhen, issued an imperial edict declaring the possession, use or selling China smokersof tobacco was a capital offence punishable by decapitation.

Athletes attacked for smoking habits

When footballer Wayne Rooney was spotted having a cigarette on several occasions during his break between the World Cup and [caption id="attachment_7211" align="alignright" width="304" caption="England and Manchester United\'s Wayne Rooney is one of the sport\'s most high-profile young stars"]England and Manchester United's Wayne Rooney[/caption]the start of the Premier League season, there was outrage.

Did Big Tobacco finally get burned?

WASHINGTON, - Hidden among the thousands of petitions the U.S. Supreme Court rejected before recessing for the summer was a case so spectacular — the case against Big Tobacco — you wonder why its outcome isn’t drawing more attention.

Smoking May Be in Your Genes

For some people, quitting smoking could be especially difficult because their dependence may be explained in part by genetics, threesmoking cigarettes new studies suggest.

Good and Bad Habits in U.S.

A habit is an activity that is acquired, done frequently, done automatically, and difficult to stop. Most people think of behaviors when they think of habits, but thoughts can also become habits. Sometimes our habitual thinking can keep habitual behaviors going and make them hard to change.